How to Get Back The Lost WIFI Password back?

Apple is known for making great smartphone having their processor which is much different from Android phones. This year Apple iPhone 14 was released. It is full of multiple features. One such feature is the ability to detect the WiFi password on the iPhone. If you have iOS 16, then you must know about this feature. Apart from this, there are multiple ways to help you find your WIFI lost password.

The new version of iOS is released along with the new model of iPhone, the iPhone 14. Once you update your iPhone, you can use this feature. However, this new feature is only for IOS 16 users. Earlier, exchanging passwords or confirming that you were using the right one was challenging. The settings options in your Apple iPhone did not allow you to check for your saved WiFi credentials.

How do you find the WiFi password on an iPhone?

Where are methods available to find the WIFI password on your phone which has yet to be lost? You need to open up your iPhone and go to settings. In the settings, select the option of WiFi. Once you type in the option of WiFi, you will find the password. After that, copy the password and then enter it into the browser. Now select the wireless setting from your phone. Add your password and username for the router.

  • Open the settings option on your iPhone. The setting option is a gear shape option that comes in the iPhone. There you can see the option of WiFi. Select it.
  • Now type the “ I “ option alongside the name on your WiFi network.
  • Now, you will find numbers returned next to the router. Copy those numbers. The number is the IP address of the router. Once you copy the IP address, paste it into your clipboard. After that, open the browser and paste the router ID. If not on the clipboard, you can add the number to a different site.
  • If you are using iPhone, then open the safari browser. Or if you have Chrome on your iPhone, you can use it too. Paste the IP address in the Google search bar.
  • Now, you can add the password and username. The username of the router is not the same one you have entered in your WiFi. You can find the router’s password and username printed in the manual or on the router’s backside.
  • Click on the option of wireless which you will find in the menu of your phone. However, this button can be different depending on the router’s name.

After completing all these steps, you can see your WiFi password, which is the network’s name.


How to locate the lost WiFi password on the IOS 16?

IOS 16 is the newest version of the iPhone, which is inculcated in the latest smartphone by Apple iPhone 14. To find your last password follow the steps which are given below:

  1. Open up the option of setting in your phone. From there, select the option of WiFi.
  2. Now, you will find multiple networks. You need to choose the one which you are using. 
  3. After that, you can add the password. You can authenticate yourself through a face ID passcode and touch ID.

How to Detect Wi-Fi Password using Personal Hotspot?

People utilising the personal hotspot can also detect the lost WiFi password. The personal hotspot works to share cellular data with devices that are present near your phone’s range. So to connect to the hotspot, the other device must contain the password of your iPhone that you have set. This is an important feature as if there is no password, then anyone can assess your cellular data. So only those people who have your WIFI password will be able to use the data.

When the personal hotspot is used, the phone works as a WIFI router. It is not only for iPhones, but other phones also have the feature of personal hotspots. Thus, it becomes really important to find the password of your hotspot to share it with others. Follow the given steps to find the password:

  1. Open up the option of settings in your iPhone
  • Select the option of a personal hotspot
  • Now there, you can see the WiFi password. This password is for your hotspot. So if you want to connect any other device with the cellular data of your phone. Sharing this password and adding it to the other device is necessary.

Bonus Tip! Method to find the Password of WIFI using Mac

In your iPhone, select the option of settings. After that, open the Apple ID. Now select the option of iPhone. You can enable the keychain option to locate the WiFi password. So let’s explore this process in much more detail.

  1. First, select the option of setting in your iPhone. In the top side of the settings, you will find the option of Apple ID. Then tap on the Apple ID.
  • After that, select iCloud. In iCloud, you will find the option of a keychain. Ensure that you have turned it on. The Keychain is represented as the green light if it is enabled.
  • Now open your MacBook. There you will find the option of Apple. Select it.
  • Now, choose the system preferences and open the Apple ID. Like the iPhone in which you have opened the keychain, do the same with your Mac book.
  • After that, look for the option of the iCloud and open the Finder window.
  • Select the option of Applications. It is present in the Finder window left side.
  • After that, you will find the “utility folder”. There you can access the keychain app. Enter your WIFI password and double-click the WIFI network. It will lead you to a new window.
  • After that, you will find the option to show the password. In this, you can enter the kitchen password which you got earlier. The key chain password is similar to the login password of your Mac book.

Finally, you get the password and can connect other devices to your Mac book. So all these methods will help you to locate your WiFi password.

Summing Up

Having a WiFi password is important. You can use it to access the Internet. Also, it can be shared with other devices to use the Internet on the devices connected to your WIFI. Sometimes people don’t know how to check there WiFi password. So in this article, we have tried to explain all the necessary methods which should be performed to find the password.

If you forget the password, then you can change it easily. However, the last WIFI password feature is only for iOS 16 users. But those who have an earlier version or are using a Mac book can also find the password. Now it’s up to you to share your password with friends, family and colleagues.

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