Honda Miimio Robot Lawn Mower Review

If you own a home with extensive lawn and you hate every aspect of Lawn mowing, the Honda powerful robotic grass cutting machine called Mimio is right for you. There are times when mowing the lawn is the only task in my entire to-do list that makes my heart skip. In other words, the time spent mowing the lawn can be invested in some other profiting endeavor.

It is, with the aim of solving this plight that I bring forward the Honda lawn mower reviews. All homeowners love a perfectly manicured lawn. This, however, does not come on a platter of gold. It is with this intention that we thought to examine robot lawn mower manufactured by Honda.

Brief Overview of the Product

A single glance at the Honda Miimo robotic lawn mower will show users that it was made by a company well versed in consumer electronics. It is simple, classy, and straightforward to use.

The Honda Miimio is a Roomba comes with a sleek design that engages advanced sensor system, onboard computer and multiple programming options to give your lawn a perfect manicure.

The Honda Mimio comes in three models – the Miimo HRM300, Miimo HRM310, HRM 3000, all with the aim of leaving you out of the grass cutting task entirely.

The Honda Mimio HRM 300 can work on slopes up to 25 degrees. It comes with sensors that enable it to avoid potholes and obstacles.

It is waterproof does perform excellently with rain and can be washed with a garden hose. It can work on steep slopes and doesn’t get stuck like other robot mowers. The charging time is just 30 minutes and can work uninterruptedly for 90 minutes. It is well suited for lawns ranging from 0 to 23,680 ft.

If you own a small lawn that has slopes as much as 20 degrees, the Honda HRM 310 is the best bet. It stands out in its capacity to handle steep slopes, the security features and being waterproof. With its weight less than 12 kg, it is equipped with Li-ion batteries and charges for 30 minutes.

It can handle 1500m sq of lawn with a working capacity of 83m sq per hour. It trims grass evenly providing a perfectly manicured surface. It, however, doesn’t come with Bluetooth and smartphone features.

If you own a large lawn of up to 1 acre (3000m sq. and 4000m sq,) the Honda HRM Miimo 3000 is a perfect choice. With an impressive remote control, it cuts two times faster than the HRM 31o and HRM 300.



With a weight of about 14kg, it is equipped with 5.4Ah Li-ion battery with 45 minutes charging time which can work up to 90 minutes on a full charge. It can handle slope of up to 25 degrees and has minimal noise levels. It is the first of the Honda Miimo series to be equipped with a smartphone application.


Key features of the Honda Robot Lawn Mower

  1. Starting Points: users can set multiple starting points for the Honda Miimi. These starting points ensure that the mimio covers the entire lawn such that no spot is untouched. Users with a big lawn or irregularly shaped lawn will find this feature very helpful.


  1. Edge Cutting: This is a cutting mode in which users will cut the borders of your lawn, using the guide wire as a guard for the Miimi.


  1. Spot Cutting: Asides the edge cutting, the Miimio can also do spot cutting. This is suited for areas with long and thick grasses, and the Honda lawn mower will take its time in this area to ensure that the entire lawn is uniformly cut.


In this mode, the Mimio will choose the spiral cutting mode to cut in a spiral pattern. After the spiral cutting, the Mimio will go back to the standard cutting mode.



  1. The Honda automatic lawn mower can handle sloppy lawn of up to 26 degrees.


  1. Seasonal Timer: With the seasonal timer feature on the Honda Miimio, the device can be programmed to cut more often during the summer and spring period. It will, however, reduce its rate of cutting during winter and fall.


In other words, one can control and dictate the frequency of cutting depending on the rate and frequency of the grass growth rate.




  1. Fast Turns: The Honda robot grass cutting machine stand out from other robot lawn mower with this feature. It can turn around completely rather than backing up or stopping on sensing an obstacle or reaching the boundary wire. This helps reduce the cutting period.


  1. Cutting Height: the Honda mimio can cut between the heights of 0.8 inches to 2.4 inches. Asides, the cutting height can be adjusted with the turn of a knob!



  • The Roomba comes with five programmable cutting modes
  • It has a quick turn mechanism
  • It can handle lawns with steep slopes
  • It comes with two years warranty
  • Adequate security to make it useless for thieves.



  • The battery Lifespan is around 30 to 60 minutes; this should be better for a machine its size.
  • Some model tends to go outside the boundary wire. Thus, you have to rescue it at times.

Without a doubt, the Honda Mimio robot lawn mower is your ticket to a beautiful lawn. It is a lawn mower that removes you from the business of taking care of your lawn, enabling you to invest your time wisely in other productive ventures

Who is the Honda Mimio For?

I have discovered that many people do feel proud of a perfectly manicured lawn. However, even though many want it, it does not come overnight. The Honda automatic lawn mower promises users to offer a golden ticket to a perfectly manicured lawn.

However, who might benefit from using the Honda robot mower?

  • Institutions, government house, schools and colleges with a vast expanse of free land as a lawn. Having a perfectly manicured lawn will add to the beauty of such places.
  • People fed up with the running cost of using and maintain an automatic lawn mower will find this robotic lawn mower pretty useful.
  • Stay at home mums who would instead invest their time in other profitable endeavors will be a perfect fit.
  • People who do not feel comfortable allowing strangers mown their lawn


 User review of the Honda Miimio Lawn Mower

We thought to share the experience of a couple of real users of the Honda Miami. This will give intending customers what to expect and an idea of how the Honda robot mower will make their life better.

  • I am amazed at how the Miimi does its magic of cutting my grass. The only little regret I have is not getting him earlier. I am an older female hence, maintaining my lawn is a herculean The Honda Mimio makes everything easy and I am so addicted to watching it.


  • Using the Honda Lawnmower for the past six months has been very interesting. I am pleased with the time I can save and invest in doing other productive things around the house. I am delighted with this device as it pretty much does everything itself from charging to cutting to staying away from obstacles and the rain. It is worth every of my penny


FAQs and Additional Tips

  1. Price of the Honda Miimio:

The price of the Honda lawn mower is dependent on its model. The price range is from $2500 to $3500 depending on the store.

  1. Where to get the Honda Miimio:

I couldn’t find any Honda miimio on Amazon. Users can, however, check on eBay, as they has some amazing deals

  1. How to use the Honda Miimio

This grass cutting machine is called a robot because it does almost everything by itself. Human effort is mainly required at the setting up/installation stage. After this, you are completely removed from the process of tidying the lawn.

  1. What is the Warranty like?

All Honda mimic products come with two years warranty. Hence you have got peace of mind with buying and using the Honda Miimio.



  1. How long does it take the Honda miimio to Charge?

Depending on the model, the Honda robot mowing machine takes between 30 to 60 minutes for complete charging and can work for 40 to 90 minutes as well depending on the model.

  1. What is the Working capacity of the Honda miimio?

Also, this depends on the model. The Honda HRM310 has a cutting capacity of 83 meter sq per hour while the Honda HRM 3000 can go as far as 170m sq per hour.

  1. Does it come with Smartphone Application?

Only the Honda HRM 3000 model is equipped with the smartphone option at the moment.

  1. What is the Safety Features Embedded?

Like all other robot lawn mower, the Honda miimio automatic lawn mower has sensors that allow it detect obstacles and threat. There is bump sensor that keeps it against obstacles. It has a tilt and lifts sensor which prevents injury. It has the pin and alarm system that guards against thieves. It is waterproof hence, can detect rain, which will prompt it to move to the shed.

Summing It Up

We are confident of the Honda Miimo’s capacity to give you a well-trimmed lawn, with minimal effort on your part. The HRM 300 is well suited for small lawns, light in weight and charges faster.

If you have got a big lawn, however, the HRM 3000 is your best shot. It comes with a smartphone application. Thus, you can communicate with it from the comfort of your couch.

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