5 amazing Instagram alternatives that will blow your mind

In this Internet era, social media is undoubtedly the most utilised platform. Whether it’s Facebook, Messenger or Instagram, everyone utilises one of these social media platforms. Also, social media has many benefits, such as sharing information about their lives with their followers and friends.

Some can also use it to share their life snippets with the people in this world. You can easily talk to your loved ones in whichever continent you live on using social media apps. So among all the social media platforms, Instagram is the most widely used. So in this article, we will look forward to other alternatives to Instagram.

Why makes Instagram so popular?

About 1.3 billion people are on Instagram, meaning one out of 8 individuals is using Instagram. Some people may join Instagram to share their skills to earn money from Instagram by becoming influencers. With the high importance of Instagram, sharing pictures on this platform is becoming a trend. Instagram Mark Zuckerberg also owns the metaverse, which includes Facebook, Instagram and other apps. Besides these, Billions of people use Instagram, so it has become crowded.

So you can consider better options also. We have brought you some of the best Instagram alternatives where you can easily share your pictures. Just like that, you want to be judged, and you can share your videos but remember to maintain the Community guidelines. However, only some of the apps, big as Snapchat or Instagram, although they still have certain benefits that are quite similar to Instagram. So let’s take a look at alternatives to Instagram.

What is the reason for choosing an alternative to Instagram?

As we already know that multiple benefits are being offered by Instagram to its community people end users. But just like everything has flaws. Instagram is also not perfect. So below are the reason for choosing an alternative to Instagram.

  • Privacy concerns – The CEO of Facebook takes up Instagram. Recently we have seen a big privacy scandal on Facebook. So we must consider using Instagram because of the privacy policies. This becomes very important, especially for privacy, so we should consider using other applications.
  • Get to the lowest– Early buyers of popular social media platforms earn much publicity since they enter the market before the rest of their rivals and because the platforms pay early influencers directly.
  • Small communities- Among the most important benefit of using other social media apps. In apps that are not crowded, you can easily share your opinion with them, which will help you develop a strong relationship. It is most beneficial for business people.
  • Less reliance- This isn’t a big issue, especially with marketers. Sometimes there is an outage on Instagram or Facebook. So if your business runs on social media platforms, it’s highly important that these social media apps not undergo an outage.

Best alternatives for Instagram, which you must try!

We are not saying that you should replace Instagram, but if you want to try something new with better features, then you can choose any of the apps which I have given below:

1.    Tumblr

Among the best alternative for Instagram is Tumblr. Even before Instagram Tumblr was used, over the last 2 to 3 years, it has lost its popularity. The loss of its users is because of its processing system. There were no new features in the previous version of Tumblr. However, with time and new updates in the year 2020 world Tumblr has improved its functionality. Now it owns a smooth interface that is easier to utilise by people, so you can easily spend more time on it. It’s easier to share your videos on pictures on Tumblr with your followers.

You can also create your private account or make your account public, just like you did on Instagram. However, people who have long been using Instagram might need help understanding the interface of Tumblr. However, with time it’s easier to understand. If we talk about the benefits of Tumblr, people can share videos, images, GIFs, and other cool stuff. Many celebrities are also using Tumblr. Like on Instagram, you share your pictures and videos via post, but on Tumblr, it is known as a thread. You can look for threads by searching using particular hashtags.

Okay! This is my favourite part. You can search for hashtags which people create. Users always come up with something creative, including creative usernames and hashtags. Apart from this, you can create your unique GIF, which makes this app meme happen. If you have used it earlier, you might remember the Myspace features. To date, this app has Myspace. One of the key differences between Tumblr and Instagram is that you cannot share the story or live videos. However, you can catch up latest trends and make your own identity.

2.    Flickr

Flickr is a new app which is trending more nowadays. It is quite the same as if you are using Instagram. However, the difference between these two is that Flickr is utilised more because of being professional. This is the reason why you should consider this app. You can take high-resolution pictures which will highlight you from the rest of the amateur photographers. Apart from this, people who love photography should consider using this account to interact with other photographers. Share your good photography skills with your followers. Apart from this, Flickr has its own cloud storage space, letting you utilise images you post later on.

The reason for choosing Flickr is because it is less chaff, few people and more quality. Although it has amazing features, one major drawback is that it is new, making it less popular than other apps. So you may have a different popularity than you are getting on Instagram. Hashtags are also not powerful. However, the drawbacks of using Flickr are negligible because of its less judgement, constant scrutiny and high-resolution pictures. Overall, people who love to enjoy doing photography can use this app and share their art with people of like mind.

3. EyeEm

It performs two functions it acts as an image marketplace and also as a social media platform. These features make it appealing for dedicated photographers and artists who should be interested in using such kinds of apps.

It is unique from Instagram because it allows users to check their artistic qualities. Users can create amazing art through images from the brands partnered with this app. Apart from this, people who make amazing images might get a chance to feature In commercials or exhibitions where they can win cash prizes.

So most people might be thinking why using EyeEm over Instagram is beneficial. So people are focused on their business based on photography, art or related equipment. EyeEm is like a marketplace. It acts as a channel where you can share your creative art.

4.    500px

This app focuses on social networking. Almost 15 million users use this app. Just like EyeEm, you can also create high-quality images and photographs. So if you are creating good images, you can sell your images on the platform. There are limited rights as compared to other social media apps. Apart from this, it also consists of different membership tiers, including different paid plans.

People who subscribe to their paid members get access to features which include business, event listing and analytics. Apart from this, they also get a business profile where they can interact with professional photographers.

Now one more amazing qualities that it has a fully functional web browser. It allows people to upload their images easily directly through the computer. Not only on a computer, but you can also download their application on your Android or iOS phone.

5.    VSCO

VSCO is another social media app which is a great alternative to Instagram. If we look into the features of VSCO, it is quite similar to what you can find on Instagram. With this app, you can capture pictures, edit your images and use different types of filters available in this app. Below are some of the benefits that make it an excellent option as an Instagram alternative:

  • Easily reshare your images:  Most people are familiar with re-sharing. With the VSCO app, users can share their images in the app. These features allow people to manage and maintain content consistently. It enables users to build a good relationships with other members of the VSCO community.
  • Hide followers count: This feature is not available on Instagram. With this feature, you can easily hide the follower count. So only you will know who follows you, not the other people in your id.

Almost 30,000,000 people use VSCO, making it one of Instagram’s best alternatives.  Apart from this, you can also purchase a premium membership to access different editing tools.

Summing up

In this article, we have seen the best Instagram alternatives. Instagram is highly popular because of its attractive features, which include Image sharing boomerangs, stories and several filters. Also, one of the coolest features of Instagram is reels, where people can make videos for entertainment.

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