The Worx Robotic Lawn Mower Review

Are you out there tired of mowing your lawn? Do you desire an extra hour of sleep or time out with family? The Worx robotic lawn mower has the perfect solution for users. It is a robot that takes them completely out of the task of mowing the lawn.

Overview of the Worx Robotic Lawn Mower

The Worx automatic lawn mower came into being first in 1969. It was designed with many features of today’s robotic mower. The Worx auto mower comes in various design and users can select the perfect fit based on their lawn size. With a Worx robot mower, users will not have to worry about the extra hour that needs to be dedicated to mowing the lawn.

The Worx Wg790e is suited for folks with a flat garden, not more than 800m2, the size of three tennis court. It can work at an inclination of 200 and comes equipped with a 28V Lithium-ion battery.

With a fully automated charging system, it takes 90 minutes to charge and works for 60 min on a full charge. It weighs 8.9kg with a cutting height of 20 to 60 mm. It is reliable with loads of features. It is pretty handy in keeping your lawn clean

The Worx android M is well suited for lawn size less than 0.25 acres. It can work at a maximum incline of 12 degrees, equivalent to 35%. It’s cutting height ranges from 1.6 to 4 inches and weighs 8.3Kg. It charges for 90 minutes automatically and will work for 60 minutes on a full charge. It can cut a thousand meter square lawn per hour comfortably. It is equipped with PIN code and does not cut in the rain.

The Worx Wg798e is suitable for lawn size of about 1500m2 in size. It can work on different lawns, all in the same garden. It can handle slope of not more than 200. It is equipped with 28 V Lithium-ion batteries and takes two hours to charge and works for an hour on a full charge. It weighs 11.7kg with a cutting height of 20 to 60 mm. It is equipped with pin code and other security features.

The Worx WG794e is designed to handle lawns of about 1000m sq. It comes with a 3 –pivoting blade rotary disc system. It is equipped with a 28V lithium-ion battery and takes 90 minutes for a full charge while the runtime is an hour. It weighs 8.5Kg and can handle slope of about 35%, not more than 20 degrees.

Key Features of the Worx Lawn Mower

  1. Blades

The Worx Lawnmower series is equipped with razor-sharp blades. They are small and able to spin freely. Due to their small and sharp size, they deliver a fine slice of grass which helps gives a perfectly manicured lawn.

  1. Height Adjustment

To cope with the changing season, one can adjust the height at which the Worxlandroid cuts. This is easily done with the knob located on top of the mower. Thus, users can cut between 20 to 60 mm. Users should, however, note that the shortest setting will give long grass clippings which you will have to pack.

  1. Navigation System

All Worx auto mower are programmed to navigate your lawn and also make a decision while working. Thus, it can navigate narrow paths cutting effectively as it goes.

  1. Multi-Zone feature

This feature is helpful to folks with many lawns. All that is required of the user is to run the wire around the areas required of the Worx Landroid to operate. The downside to this, however, is that if there is no passage between the lawns, you will have to carry the mower.


  1. Mobile Control

With this, you can communicate with, and control your Worx auto mower effectively. Pu can receive notifications and monitor its progress. The best part is that it is not location dependent. Thus, from work or outside of town, you can control your robot mower. One can also install updates as released from Worx –the manufacture



  • Users can program the Worx mower to mow the law according to the size of the grass. This is quickly done with the Knob on top of the Worx Landroid
  • The Worx auto mower can detect rain and retreats to its docking station on sensing showers
  • There is security feature embedded in the Worx automaker, Thus, bending, lifting and tilting

stop the blade.



  • It is pretty easy to setup and uses, and great for suburban lawns
  • It comes with an impressive user interface, easy to use with updates released for time to time.


  • The Worx Landroid gets confused in trimming off edges of the wall. This is because the blades are neatly tucked under the robot.
  • Any damage to the copper wire might affect the efficiency of the Worx robotic mower.
  • The Worx auto mower does have issues with potholes and steep hills.


The Worx lawn mower is an excellent product which can save users a considerable large amount of time and effort. The Worx lawn mower is designed with simplicity and automation to provide users with a perfectly manicured lawn.

Who Is The Worx Lawn Mower For?

What a thoughtful gift if you present this to your aged parents who don’t have the stress to mow the lawn again! I bet they will be fascinated seeing the Worx mower perform its wonder!

Asides, the word Android is perfect for the following categories of people:

  • The elderly and the disabled as well as people who detest mowing.
  • People who spend most of their time away from home
  • People with really complicated gardens


User review of the Worx Lawn Mower

  • I have had this Worx mower for a year, and I did wait this long before giving a review. Our yard, ¼ of an acre is made of trees, stumps and railroad ties. The user manual was pretty handy in setting up the robot mower and laying the guard wire. I am entertained as I watch him slowly and aimlessly meander around the yard. It is even amusing to see passersby stop and watch as it does its job. It is worth every penny.

Aardman from Amazon

  • Two months of using the Worx landroid, I am impressed. The automaker keeps up with my half an acre of land and works perfectly for as long as 12 hours. It cuts in the rain but retires during heavy rainfall. I love the SMS alert every time it docks and undocks. Overall, I am pretty impressed!

Scott1620 from Amazon

FAQs and Additional Tips

  1. Price of the Worx Automower

The Worx lawn mower comes in various model and design. Depending on the model, the price ranges from $1000 to $3000

  1. Where to get the product?

The Worx robot lawn mower is available on Amazon and many other online stores.

  1. How to use the product?

The Worx lawn mower is pretty easy to use. The major effort is required only in setting up the product. You might need the service of a professional to set up. Once the product is set up, the Worx does everything on its own.

  1. What is the Guarantee?

Depending on the model, the warranty ranges from one to three years. The Worx landroid comes with a whopping three years warranty.

  1. How Long Will Customers have to Wait?

Amazon assures a three day delivery period. This, however, varies depending on store location.

  1. What Is the Perfect model for my Lawn?

The size of your yard determines this information. Users will have to supply their postcode to the Worx website. This information will allow Worx to provide you with the most suitable model that will fit the lawn size.

Final Word

The Worx landroid takes perfect care of your lawn without your effort. It comes with features that enable it to give the user the best experience.

The Wrox landroid is our top choice as many users returned positive feedbacks with  little or no complaint.


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