Common Problem with Power Supply


So you turn on your PC, while waiting for the boot, you get your coffee, light up a cgiarette, and then you notice that the monitor is still dark. No memory testing, nothing Monitor appears to be off, although the PC seems to be working. This problem can show up on any computer, but it’s more common for computers older than two years.

How often can this happen?
Well it happened to me twice in four years on 2 different machines. And last week it happened again on my cosusins PC that’s 2 years old.

What’s causing it?
This kind of behaviour can cause virtually everything, the RAM, graphic cards, the monitor, but most likely its the power supply failure. Infact the chances are 80% for the power supply to be causing these problems. Well in my case the chances were 100% cos as soon as my cousin described the problem i told him that its the power supply and i turned out right.
Its a bit odd because when you turn on the computer there is power, it’s not like its dead, but for some reason it can’t feed all the parts properly due to some resistor, capacitor or condensator malfunction.

Buy new power supply. Get 500w+ real power. The more watts the better. Dont buy crappy power supplies.

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