The John Dere Tango E5 Series

John Dere stands out as one of the giants in the agricultural manufacturing industry. It is not surprising John Dere has come up with an autonomous robot called the Tango E5. It is a fully automated robot design to remove the headache of mowing from users.

Brief Overview of the John Dere Robotic Lawn Mower

With its years of experience in turning out agricultural equipment, John Dere is seen as one of the producers of a top rated lawn mower. The Tango E5 is an embodiment of technology and comfort. As it leaves users entirely out of the process of mowing while it leaves you stunned at how it meticulously does its task.

John Dere has only one model of the automaker – the Tango E5 series. It can handle lawns, not more than 2,200 meters square. It is well suited for gardens that are flat with no major angles or sharp turns. It can work at a maximum of 35% with a blade motor power of 60W. It comes equipped with a Lithium-ion battery that takes 80 minutes for a full charge. Running time is 90 minutes with an automatic charging system.

With a weight of about 15kg, it can cut between the heights of 19mm to 102mm with a minimal noise level. It is built with a wide array of sensors that keeps it away from obstacles.

John Dere stands out from other top-rated robot mowers in the area of safety. It comes with a large STOP button, an emergency shutdown and does not mow in the land with a slope of more than 35 degrees

John Deere Tango E5 comes with a series of pre-programs to give your lawn proper maintenance.

Features of the John Dere Robot Lawn Mower

  1. Sensors Help in Safe Operation

The four boundary sensors mean that outside the guard wire, the mower will not work. On sensing an obstacle, it stops. Asides, lifting or tilting will make the blade stop.

  1. A Double Chasis Keeps the Tango from Impact

It comes with sturdy double wall construction. Hence, the inner part is protected against rain, impact or damage. Even while working in the rain, water can be drained via the holes.

  1. A Large User Interface

With this, the user can interact with the tango and activate a different mode of operations. The display is large and visible from afar, with buttons on both the right and left side to control the tango.

  1. Smart Navigation System

The tango can maneuver its way through the garden and perform its task effectively. It can cover two interconnected lawns effectively with the guidance of the guard wire. It operates randomly within the garden and can find its way to the charging dock when required.

  1. It can handle every corner of complex gardens

With the guard wire, users can create areas that the robot mower is not expected to touch. Also, the tango can effectively cut through hidden corners by driving to launch points along the boundary wire.


  1. The John Dere robot lawn mower moves in a random pattern around the lawn. This ensures that no track lines are left, and the entire lawn is covered.
  2. Also, the Tango E5 can be programmed to work in any desired schedule. Hence, it will work effectively even when you are sleeping or at work; your lawn remains mow.
  3. It does not pollute the environment in any way. There is no noise pollution like petrol mowers and no air pollution as well.
  4. The mower is safe and will not destroy anything in its path. Hence, it is safe for kids, pet, and properties left on the lawn.
  5. Asides, the Tango is also able to handle two separate lawns. All that is required is to set the perimeter wire to guard the John Dere robot mower
  6. The John Dere automatic robot mower is equipped with Pin and another alarm system that makes it useless for thieves to steal, let alone operate it.


  1. For this robot lawn mower to cover two areas, the lawns have to be connected. If it is not connected, you will have to carry it across
  2. John Dere robot mower does not have a rain sensor. Thus, it keeps working during heavy rain which is not healthy for the robot.
  3. This robot lawn mower does not do well near perimeters of the wall. This is, however, a common deficiency with most robot mowers. Thus, you might be left with a few extra works of trimming.

While John Dere has a single model of the automaker, it has meticulously designed it to cover the necessary features. The robot mower has everything expected of top rated robot lawn mowers – the security and the cutting features.

Who Is The John Dere Tango Robot Mower For?

Without a doubt, the John Dere Lawnmower is a top choice for people who find mowing tedious. It is suited for people who need extra time to attend to something more productive. The following people will equally benefit:

  • Old parents and senior citizens need to conserve their strength, rather than utilize it mowing.
  • Busy people who cannot afford the extra hour that mowing demands
  • Folks who are always traveling will find the John Dere auto mower handy, as it can be scheduled to mow even while you are not around.
  • People with two or more gardens making up their lawn.


User review of the John Dere Lawn Mower

  • I have been using the John Dere robot mower and been very pleased. It is amazing to watch as the tango eats up every bit of my lawn grass in tiny chippings and gives me a freshly manicured surface. There was a time it started misbehaving – just going round in a circle before cutting. This turned out to be an issue with one of the perimeter wires. Asides this, I am pleased with the tango so far.

Jacob S.

  • After using the tango lawn mower for about three months, I have the following deductions:
  • The tango works effectively. It can deal with small objects and other obstacles left in the lawn.
  • I have received complement about my lawn – it looked as good as when it was trimmed with a conventional mower.
  • It is very, very quiet and I am impressed
  • I am glad of the amount of free time I have to invest in other ventures. Overall, I am pleased

Hillary C.

FAQs and Additional Tips

  1. Price of the John Dere tango E5 series

The John Dere Tango e5 series go for an average of $2500. This is however dependent on location and store

  1. Where to Get the product?

The John Dere Tango robot lawn mower is available on Amazon and many other dealers

  1. How to use the product?

The John Dere lawn mower is pretty easy to use. The major effort is required only in setting up the product. It comes with an instruction manual that holds you by the hand on setting up the tango. After this, the robomower leaves you completely out of the mowing business.

  1. What is the Guarantee?

The John Dere robot lawn mower comes with a 2-year warranty.

  1. How Long Will Customers have to Wait?

Amazon assures a three day delivery period. This, however, varies depending on the location of the store.

  1. What is the maximum Mowing area that the John Dere can Handle?

John Dere robot mower has only a single model and is designed to handle lawns not more than 2200 meter square.


Final Word

Without a doubt, the John Dere Tango series remains one of the top choices for household robot mower. The unique boundary system, the powerful and strong blade, the durable battery life and the outstanding safety feature all sets John Dere out from its competitors.

John Dere robotic lawn mower is the go-to guy if you need a mower that offers accuracy, precision, ease and security in taking care of your lawn.




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