The Robomow Robotic Mower Review


Robomow, a company in the business of lawn mowing has been in business for over 20 years. They produce superb robot lawn mowers that are user-friendly and cutting edge. Their products are designed to save user’s time and effort.

The pride of every homeowner is a perfect lawn. However, due to the demand of everyday life, it is sometimes hard to spare the time to mow the lawn. And aside, getting a gardener calls for the extra cost that might not go down well with most people.  This is the category of people that will benefit from this lawn mower review series, as we will be sharing features of the Roomba lawn mower and why it is worth a shot.

Overview of the Product

Robomow produces automatic lawn mowers that are fast, powerful and easy to operate. The automakers are skillful in producing perfectly trimmed edge and excellent coverage for various lawn sizes.

Founded in 1995, Robomow, also called Friendly Robotics produces this lawn mower. The robots are rechargeable, easy to use and designed to satisfy all safety requirements.

For people with vast lawns who know the worth of investing in a lawn mower, the RS630 is the best choice. It leaves a perfectly manicured lawn and can cut as much as 3000 square meters without stress. It is powered by 200 to 400 lead acid batteries and takes an average of 2 hours to charge.

The RS622 is fast, agile and robust, with the capacity to handle large lawns. It can handle up to 2200 sq meter. Whether the grass is brittle or dry, the RS622 can handle it. The RS622 can handle slopes up to 36%, thus suitable for people with uneven terrain. It can navigate narrow ways with rain sensors which returns it to base on sensing rain.

The RC306 stands out as one of RoboMow’s compact cutter. It delivers a close cut, keeping your lawn fresh and neatly trimmed. Suitable for gardens within the range of 0 to 600m, weight 11kg and offers a rising power of 200 Watts. It has a cutting height of 6 to 3.1 inches. With a small size, it is discreet, compact and completes the job effortlessly.

The RX12 operates with a cutting height of 0.5 to 1.7 inches. It is easy to operate and has installation options that work with the smartphone. It can handle inclined yard of up to 36%. Thus, it remains the perfect choice for people with the sloppy terrain.

With a weight of just 11.1 Kg, the RC304 remains our top choice. It stands out among the robomower family in weight and efficiency. It is small with an elegant design. Its, however, handles small lawns of size between 0 to 400m.

Key features/Benefits of the Roomba Lawn Mower

  1. Automated Cutting: The entire process of cutting by the Roomba lawn mower is automated. All that is required of the user is to set up, after which it does everything on its own. This pretty much saves you time that is spent on something else, increasing your productivity.


  1. Boundary Demarcation: the Robomow is designed to cut in a random pattern guided by the wire. The wire prevents the Roomba from going off course hence you can keep it in check. This prevents it from destroying flowers or jumping over to the neighbor’s yard.



  1. Four Fully Automatic Managed Zones: The robomow can successfully manage up to four areas consecutively. The on-screen guide will work you through the setup, aiding the Roomba to travel to your front yard and backyard, as well as other areas you want to touch.


  1. The Robomow App: From the comfort of your smartphone, you can control the Roomba lawn mower if need be. Your RoboMow lawn mower also communicates with you via the app.



  1. Anti-Theft Alarm: Should the Roomba be moved or interrupted, the built-in alarm will sound and alert you. Should it be stolen, it will require a 4-digit passcode to operate. Thus, it is pretty secure.



  • It saves time. All you have got to do is set it up, and leave it to do its magic. Asides, one can run it as often as you want to maintain a manicured lawn.
  • You do not have to worry about your robomow being a nuisance to the neighbors. It is near silent and can even work at night.
  • Conventional lawn mowers have the issue of noise and air pollution. The Roomba lawn mower beats this as you get to conserve the environment.
  • The Robomow is designed with excellent safety features. It has an anti-theft system to prevent unauthorized use as well as child lock system to check curious kids.
  • The brand offers full warranty ranging from one to two years. Thus, getting the robomow gives peace of mind.


  • Assembling the Roomba lawn mower as well as initial set up could be a tedious task. However, it is essential to be diligent with this part to ensure optimal performance
  • This lawn mower reviews found that the Roomba charging base is not waterproof, even though the Roomba itself is. As a result, it has to be set up in a shed or a garage.
  • Also, the price is quite high and might be out of reach for a lot of people. It, however, saves money in the long run.

Without a doubt, the robomow lawn mower is a worthy investment worth every penny. It is a ticket to enjoying a perfectly manicured lawn that you will be proud of

Who is this Product For?

This lawn mower reviews discovered that many people love a perfectly dressed lawn. However, this does not happen overnight. This is why some people pay gardeners to help maintain their lawns. However, who does this grass cutting machine fit?

  • Folks fed up with the annoying noise that comes with using conventional grass cutting machine. The Roomba lawn mower will be a perfect replacement.
  • People who are too busy to attend to their lawn. Sparing about an hour to attend to the lawn is a pretty big deal for this people. The robot mower will be a perfect choice.
  • Stay at home mums who would rather invest their time in a worthy cause

User Reviews on the Robomow

A lot of people have purchased and used this fantastic automatic grass cutting machine. Thus, we thought it necessary to share the experience with real users.

  • Using the robomow from May 2017 till now has posed no issue. We are glad of the purchase, and our lawn looks better. Our robomow handles our 0.75-acre lawn full of trees and small rocks pretty well. All surprises so far have been positive, and we are delighted with our purchase. The manual was pretty helpful in setting up, and the customer service has been excellent!

Mike from Amazon

  • I have no issues whatsoever in my four months of using the Roomba lawn mower. Initially, it took four days to cover our yard that was full of 4-inch tall grasses. So far, I use it three times a week, and I am always proud of my lawn. So far, I am glad I got this machine!

Warren Kon from Amazon

  • This was a gift for my dad to maintain his lawn. And so far, I have not been disappointed. It met and surpassed my expectations in all way as it is skillful in maneuvering the awkwardly shaped yard. An excellent piece of tech!

Amaze Balls from Amazon


FAQs and Additional Tips

  1. Price of the product

Depending on the model, the Roomba lawn mower can be gotten between a price range of $1500 to $3000

  1. Where to Get the product?

The Roomba lawnmower is available on Amazon and many other online stores.

  1. How to use the product?

The robomow is pretty easy to use. The significant effort is required only in setting up the product. Once the product is set up, the Roomba pretty much does everything on its own.

  1. What is the Guarantee?

Depending on the model, the warranty ranges from one to three years. The RS622 offers just one year warranty, while the RS635 comes with a whopping three years warranty.

  1. How Long Will Customers have to Wait?

Amazon assures a three-day delivery period. This, however, varies depending on store location.

  1. How Does Robomow Recharge

The device comes with a Lithium battery and can return to its base on sensing low battery. The Roomba is programmed to detect when it needs o recharge

  1. Is It Safe for Kids and pets?

Yes, the robomow comes with sensors that enable it to detect obstacles and change direction on bumping into anything.

  1. How Do I know which model to choose?

The robomow comes with six models able to cope with lawn size ranging from 0 to 3500 square meter. All you have to do is measure the lawn to determine the size, or enter your postal code into

Final verdict

Without a doubt, RoboMow is a brand name in turning out durable robot lawn mowers for users. The RS630 is capable of handling big lawns but pretty expensive while the RC304 is compact and recommended for people with small lawn size. All products come with guarantee hence purchasing them comes with peace of mind.



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