How to Find the Right Drivers for your PC

After a fresh windows installation, drivers can be a pain to find for some PC’s, especially for some not very well known notebook brands. There are a number of ways to try and locate the correct drivers, but for the average Joe, this can become a very challenging and sometimes unpleasant task.

How many drivers you will have to search for depends on how many devices your PC has, and for how many of them windows has already built-in drivers. In general, there are a few which must be installed on most PC’s like: the motherboard chipset, grpahic card driver, audio drivers, and lan drivers.

If you are searching for drivers for an unbranded desktop PC, and you don’t know anything about your computer model, the best way would be to open the left panel of your PC case and see the exact model of your motherboard, graphic card or other PCI cards you might have installed. But since many of the PC assembling companies seal their PC cases with a warranty label and if that is your case, you could try and download a free diagnostic and hardware analitycs tool called: Dr. Hardware and see the exact models of your PC parts. Install it, and go throught the menu and look for information about your PC parts. You can check your motherboard model easy there.

Now if we are talking about a notebook, it should be much easier. The only thing to do is see the correct model number on the bottom of your notebook, go to the official site of your notebook brand and search the drivers there.

Nowdays Microsoft has finally made the ability to search for drivers online usefuil in Vista, which makes things a lot easier, which is the only thing that makes me like vista. But if you are like me and can’t stand the boot loading time of Vista and a dozen of other annoying things in it, and want to spend some more time with XP until the new version of Windows comes up, well then you may still have some trouble finding drivers for your PC, and thats where we come in. This site will have a section for hard-to-find XP drivers which will be updated regulary and of course upon your requiest.

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  1. thank you very much! I have checked now for the download link but when i clik on it it says “Not Found
    Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn’t here.” I guess they are still not uploaded

  2. i have a Advent QC430 laptop that has been converted from Vista to XP,intrying to trace Drivers for this model do i just require XP drivers, if so can you supply the necessary drivers,if possibe on disc. jl.james.

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