Top 5 YouTube Extensions that will change your video experience

Like any other website, YouTube has its share of annoyances and missing features. Some people may find the ads and thumbnails quite irritating as they come in the way while watching the video. Thus, to enhance your video experience, there are some extensions that you can use.

Many people have to go through endless advertisement reads and clickbait thumbnails which can get in your way. However, there are various types of browser extensions which will fix this problem. So that you can entirely focus on video bingeing and then solving the problem. So in this article, we have mentioned the top 5 YouTube extensions which will give you a better video-watching experience.

What exactly are YouTube extensions?

YouTube Chrom from Chrome. It allows people to embed the Google and YouTube video experience together. The purpose of Using the Chrome extension is to control the speed of the video. There are thousands of extensions available that you can download based on your requirement.

But remember that before downloading any extensions, always set a limit because installing multiple extensions on your device is bad for the browser. If you download numerous extensions on your device, it will slow down the video and sometimes can hinder privacy. Ensure that you are comfortable checking all the permissions of the extension. Because once you download it, your smartphone will ask you whether you want to install it. So it’s better that you should carefully download the extension from Chrome.

How to set up the YouTube extension?

The YouTube extension’s purpose is to fetch videos from YouTube from the user account and display them on the entry page. Once you create the entry, you can choose only a single video at a given time as the input for the particular field. The video details are saved in the Content-stack in JSON format.

Below are steps people can follow to create a custom extension for YouTube.

For this,

  • It would help if you got an API key for YouTube
  • Get the channel ID
  • Choose the stack and add an extension of YouTube to the stack
  • Use the custom field; that’s it your YouTube extension is formed.

So you can take the help of this step to add the YouTube extensions.

Best YouTube extension to experience better videos in 2022

The internet video content market has transformed thanks to YouTube. There is plenty of quality content on YouTube, but few features or choices exist. Fortunately, a few additions can significantly enhance your video viewing experience.

The chrome browser is full of different extensions used to extend the functionality and features of the YouTube video. We have searched a lot and find out the best five extensions for YouTube. All these extensions offer so better user experience and provide stability.

1.    Screenshot YouTube

People can utilise the screenshot YouTube to take pictures and screenshots in between the video. It is among the most famous extensions that help people capture screenshots while the video runs. However, you can take the help of the keys available on your phone to take the screenshot. But when you use this tool, it will help you click quickly. The screenshot extension offers multiple features. These includes:

  • Capturing the screenshot from the YouTube videos
  • After capturing, download the picture without even posing the video for a minute.
  • So once you capture it, you can save the video screenshot. Apart from this, you can also copy and add it to the clipboard.

So now comes how to add the YouTube screenshot extension. We have provided steps which you can follow to add the screenshot YouTube extension.

Step 1: First, look for screenshots of the YouTube extension on the online page. Then click on the link and after that, add it to Chrome.

Step 2: Now, after adding the extension next thing to do is to install the extension. After that, activate the extension.

Step 3: Now, after activating. It would be best if you opened the YouTube toolbar, and there would be a screenshot button.

Step 4:  After that, you can easily click the screenshot option, and there, the button will capture the YouTube screen or whatever video you are playing. Now you can also download the screenshot and save it in your storage.

2.    Unhook Extension

Sometimes you feel like the screen YouTube can be more simple. For this purpose, the Unhook extension can be used, which will do everything per your requirement. It is among the best extension for YouTube, which will give you a better experience with videos on YouTube. Used to clean the screen, so only those options you want will be left. You can also view the video in full screen. Below are some of the features of unhook extension.

  • Used to clean the video page on YouTube
  • With this, you can quickly eliminate feeds, sidebar, recommendations and comments.
  • You can hide the buttons per your requirement and customise them accordingly.

Below are the ways to install the Unhook extension on your Chrome browser:

Step 1:  First, look for the extension page of unhook. Now find the option of adding it to Chrome. Now look for the extension in the menu and select the option.

Step 2: Once you select the unhook extension. You need to activate it by turning on the extension button. First of all, remember that some of the features are already there by default whenever you enable them. And you will see that you’re screen is clean to some extent. It will change the experience of watching YouTube videos.

Step 3: If you want to change the setting, open the extension menu. After that, you will find different options for cleaning the YouTube screen. Now select the options which you want to view on your screen.

Once you start using it, you will find it extremely simple and convenient. Moreover, it will change how you watch videos on YouTube.

3.    Transpose Extension

It is one of the most fantastic extensions known as tweak music. If you are an audio file, then you will love this extension. This extension helps to manage and control the playback of music on YouTube. Apart from this, you can tweak the audio. If you wish to play anything with your favourite music video, this extension will allow you to do so. Below are the features of the transpose extension.

  • The transpose extension provides a tool that will help you control the video’s output audio.
  • This extension can control speed, tempo, pitch, etc.
  • It also allows you to make a loop of videos.

Below are the ways to install the Transpose extension on your Chrome browser:

Step 1: Look for the Transpose extension on the online page. Then click on the link, and after that, add it to Chrome.

Step 2:  Select the option of extension from the menu from the top corner. Now click on the possibility of transpose extension.

Step 3: You can change the playback setting when the music video is playing. It will not hamper your experience of listening to music.

4.    Return YouTube Dislike

If you have been using YouTube for a long time, you know there are two options while watching the video. You will find options for like and dislike. But recently, YouTube has removed the possibility of dislike. Explaining this event, YouTube said that some creators were facing backlash because of the dislike button. Many have also complained that people have targeted them and shared unwanted hate due to the dislike button.

But when you see the dislike count in any of the videos on YouTube, it will help you quickly evaluate how good the video quality is. So if you want to see the light count, then you can use the return dislike extension of YouTube. The purpose of using this extension is to bring back the dislike count number. So with this, you can analyse the quality of the YouTube video you will watch. There is no specific feature for it. The only thing you can see is the dislike option.

So now comes how to add the return dislike extension. We have provided steps which you can follow to add the screenshot YouTube extension:

Step 1: Search for the return dislike YouTube extension. Now click on the option of Chrome so that you can add it to Chrome. Now, after that, the extension is added.

Step 2: Select the option of extension from the menu from the top corner. Now select the extension of return dislike YouTube.

Step 3:  Open any YouTube video and see the dislike count. You can also turn off the dislike count by going into the extension’s settings.

5.    Magic Actions

 It is another type of extension which provides different kinds of tools for the video you are watching. It is also considered one of the most fantastic extensions ever made. It also enhances the video experience. Below are some of the features of the magic action which you will find in this extension:

  • Snapshot tool is there, which will allow you to click snapshot within a second
  • Manage the volume with the mouse wheel’s help on the YouTube video.
  • Different avatars and enlarged thumbnails are also present
  • Quickly delete the video search history with one click.

Apart from this, there are other features you will find once you download this extension.

Step 1: Search for the extension of the Magic action. After that, add it to Chrome.

Step 2:  Look for the option of the extension menu, and you will see the magic action. Please enable it. So you will find different types of features which you can use in your video. Check for the mouse and see what it can do.

Wrapping Up

These are a few of our top five YouTube extensions that will enhance your viewing experience. We sincerely hope that you enjoyed these extensions. Please keep checking back for further articles like this on Chrome. Use it for the most recent advice on improving the browsing experience in the preferred browsers.

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