Microsoft is back in the game with the SwiftKey keyboard

Most people waiting for the Microsoft Swift key keyboard can now relax as Microsoft is restoring its keyboard app. People choose the Microsoft Swift key because the keyboard Apple could be better and more flexible to work on. Two months ago, Microsoft announced that it would remove its SwiftKey keyboard from the Apple store due to some issues and tie-up between the two companies.

Many people would prefer something other than the G-board or keypad of Apple. There are many 3rd party keypads available. One touch keypad is the Microsoft SwiftKey, among the best keyboard ever made. When it was released, it was readily available on body Android and iOS devices. However, sometime later, Microsoft pulled it off from the Apple store. Microsoft has again announced that it will release the Microsoft SwiftKey on all platforms. So in this article, we will be looking towards why Microsoft pulled off the swiftkey from iOS.

Why did Microsoft SwiftKey pull off from the App Store?

If we ask which keyboards are the best, you will probably say G-board or Microsoft swiftkey. Both apps consist of various valuable features, which include customisation layout, the ability to utilise multiple languages, predictive text, new words, autocorrelation and consists of different emojis and GIFs.

But earlier in September 2022, Microsoft pulled off its SwiftKey keyboard from the App Store of Apple after announcing it through an official statement. It confused and disappointed many of the swiftkey users. Because if you look at the iOS keyboard, it’s not comfortable and flexible for work compared to the Microsoft SwiftKey. Many people used to choose the Microsoft SwiftKey keyboard as the best alternative to their iOS devices.

But recently, 2 to 3 days back, Microsoft changed in mind, bringing back the swift key. So if you are reading this and are not aware of this, then you can check out the App Store, and you will find Microsoft SwiftKey. Download it and enjoy.

When did Microsoft make it official to bring back the swiftkey?

Recently the vice president of Microsoft tweeted ID from their official account that swiftkey will be back soon on Apple. Later this month, people could see the swift key in the App Store. Many features are added to the speedy key, which the company teased. According to a corporate representative, the software giant is reintroducing SwiftKey on iOS. The company will be resuming support for the platform due to customer feedback. Moreover, Microsoft is ready to invest more in the swift key soon because of its vast popularity.

Apart from this, it can teach writing to those it can help to register quickly as when it predicts the next word, and you can feel comfortable writing the article. The prediction engines form dynamic contextual to understand the writing style.

What all new features can you find?

Several weeks ago, when Microsoft pulled off the SwiftKey keyboard from iOS, it made many changes. Even after discontinuation, people using the Microsoft SwiftKey on their iPad or iPhone could use it comfortably. People who have iPad or iPhones can now download the app again on their devices from the Apple App Store. The keyboard was last updated in the year 2021. Now it includes many features, some of which are listed below.

  • People can easily customise the Microsoft swiftkey keyboard. You can change the positions of the key, layout language or even reverse, or even as per your preferences.
  • It can support over 500 different languages. So even if you speak any other language, you can record and type the message quickly.
  • Security and privacy are also important, so Microsoft maintained this rule. But before signing into the keyboard or any other 3rd party app, check for the privacy policies.

Summing Up

Microsoft SwiftKey was made to make typing more accurate is accessible no matter what all people type. So SwiftKey utilises many features, including error correction, to correct grammatical and spelling errors. So that it won’t happen the next time, it can also predict the next suitable word required to complete the sentence. So you won’t have to type much to complete the article.

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