Recover the data from your dead phone in 5 easy steps

Is your phone dead? follow these steps to recover it!

Mobile phones are the most crucial part of our lives. It is one of the most amazing inventions, especially in technology, which has made our life convenient. It has been estimated that over 82% of the Earth’s population has smartphones. That is, nearly 6 billion people own a smartphone. Smartphones have multiple tasks, from storing day-to-day data to connecting with our close ones through social media apps to using the Internet to solve our daily queries.

All these things are made possible just because of smartphones. However, if our smartphone stops working due to an accident or dropping or any of the reasons. Then there are chances that we might lose our daily information. So now the main question arises: how to recover the data from the dead phone? So here we are to explain this. We have researched and found the best methods you can employ to recover the data from the dead phone.

What could all reason be behind a dead phone?

Billions of people use smartphones, whether Android or iPhone, and their phones contain most of their data related to their work, office, or even family. If our smartphones stop working, it could be nearly impossible to catch up with the Daily News we get from our phones. There could be multiple reasons which maybe behind your phone is dead.

So here we have listed the possible reasons which could lead to the phone being dead.

  • Accidental falling off the phone: Among the many reasons, the most prominent reason for your phone being dead is because you might have dropped it. This can damage the hardware of the phone. Most likely, the mobile screen gets damaged in such cases. If the pressure on the phone is high, then there might be chances that it won’t power on even after several attempts.
  • Virus and malware attack: If you browse unsafe sites via your mobile phone, then there are chances that the virus will invade your smartphone. Another reason could be that if the smartphone is not updated, whether it’s Android or iPhone, then there are chances that a virus will enter the system. What it does is that it makes the data inaccessible.
  • Phone submerged in liquid: Phones not water resistant are immersed inside and may get damaged. Once the water gets into the phone, it can destroy the PCB embedded inside the phone.
  • Damage by rooting: If you try to use rooting on your Android, then there are chances that it may get dead because it is risky. Even if you do a factory reset on your rooted phone, it could damage the smartphone’s hardware. Therefore making it deadly.
  • Incompatibility: Last but not least, if you use incompatible apps, your smartphone might stop working.

So these are some of the reasons which can lead to your mobile phone being dead. Although you cannot bring back your dead mobile phone, there are chances that you can recover the data that is already inside your smartphone. To recover the data from the dead phone, you might follow the given tips:

Ways to recover the data from a dead phone

Step 1: Use Smartphone data recovery software and tools

If you have not turned on the backup of the smartphone, you might not be able to recover your data if you haven’t saved it on a drive or mail. There are reliable and powerful 3rd party software and applications available that might help you recover the lost data from your phone. The android recovery tool is among the most utilized software. Android users use it to retrieve their data. These tools and software are capable of recovering all the data which is present in the dead phone. Apart from this, if your phone gets damaged due to water, then the data can be recovered from that, also. The software can help restore or recover the data from WSOD errors, BSOD, and many others. It can recover data such as photos, contacts, videos, music, text messages, WhatsApp messages, documents, and many more.

Step 2: Recovery of data on the device

Data recovery can be performed on the smartphone by following the given steps;

  • First, you need to open the Android data recovery program on a desktop like a laptop or PC.
  • Next is to connect the device, which is a smartphone, to the computer why is the help of a USB cable. A data recovery option on Android is displayed on the display screen. Select it.
  • Now open the windows and select the type of Data you wish to restore. If you want to recover all the data, choose the Select All option.
  • Now next thing to do is choose the default type that matches your situation. For example, whether your touch system is not working, the screen is broken, or it is showing black light. Depending on the condition of the smart work, select the precise reason for the fault in the mobile phone. After this, a new window will be opened. Now, fill in the device model and the broken device name on the smartphone. This recovery option is available only on the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S.
  • The next option is to set your phone to download mode. You have to switch off your smartphone, press the volume keys, and the home button power. After leaving it for 4 to 5 seconds, press the plus volume button.
  • Once your mobile phone is entered into the download mode, it will start recovering the lost packages. Once the analysis is done, you can check the file types and look for the default type categories. Once you find your files, you can check them one by one. Once you select the file you want to recover, fix it.

Step 3: Recover the data on your smartphone by backup

The most widely used method to retrieve information is the backup option. But this is possible only when you have formed or completed the back of your system. Also, you can save the file on the drive app or iCloud to recover the data from any external device.

Also, from the Google account, you can recover the data. It would help if you bought a new or any other smartphone & sign in to your Google account using your credentials. After that, you can select the backup option, and all your files will be restored.

Step 4: Recover Data through SD Card Reader

If you have saved your documents on the SD card, you can take the SD card from a dead phone. To remove the SD card, you need it to be ejected from your smartphone using the ejector tool and connected through the PC with the help of an SD reader. After the PC detects the devices, you can easily extract your file from the SD card.

Step 5: Take the help of the Data Recovery Center

This is one of the methods that not everyone knows about. This is the last option to recover your data from your dead phone. There are specialized service centres with experts that mainly make data recovery. First, they know about the software and hardware of your phone and then understand the process of extracting data. Safe environment conditions are maintained. For instance, some hard drives can open only in cool rooms, preventing contamination. This is done only when Android IPhones do not require it. Various types of data recovery service centers are there in the market. One of them is clever files which is known to be one of the best recovery centers.

Bonus Tip: Prevent your phone from being dead Again

The dead phone might feel annoying. Because nobody wants that their phone should be damaged. Our obsession with a smartphone has become so high that we cannot live without them. So to prevent your smartphone from dying, follow some simple steps.

  • Avoid dropping the mobile phone in any liquid, such as water.
  • Carefully handle your mobile phone. Please do not drop it on hard surfaces that can break the screen or damage the mobile phone’s battery.
  • Never browse any 3rd party application or website from your smartphone.
  • Backup is the most important thing you can do to save the data. You can either save it in Google Drive or if you are using iPhone, you can save it on iCloud.

However, sometimes data loss issues may still arise even after using all precautionary steps. Therefore, knowing how careful you are with your phone is important.

Final Thoughts

It may be too annoying to have a phone that is dead.  And above this, losing all your data could be more frustrating. To recover all your data from your dead phone, you can perform some simple methods mentioned above. Most importantly, use data recovery software and tools. Also, to prevent free or phone from dead, carefully back up all your important files on your drive or the desktop. If you can still retrieve your mobile phone, you can take the help of the data service centres.

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