5 Easy Fixes that can save an Overheating Laptop

Are you dealing with an overheating laptop? Do you want to find the solution to such issues? If yes, then read all the facts given in this post. In today’s world, laptops are getting more powerful, famous, and compact with the advancement in technology. While the GPU and CPU performance increases, the internal structure of the laptop is going more crowded with the additional components. Of course, the best performance also raises more heat production, which is considered the more threatening in the laptop category, apart from the coffee spilling on it.

Overheating the laptop is not only a problem because it reduces the laptop’s speed; it causes irreversible damage to the inside parts of the computer and makes it unusable.

This article will show you how to cool down the laptop and prevent it from being damaged. Let us tell you some cool tricks that save your computer from overheating.

What Causes Laptops to Overheat?

Here we will tell you the cause or the reasons for the overheating of the laptop. The condition of overheating of the computer is caused by insufficient cooling. This can mean that your laptop blowing hot air is blocked by the dust, and the fans may also be blocked by the thermal paste on your old CPU and not transferring the efficient heat.

These factors may help when you also face the overheating of a laptop or want to find the cause.

A thermal paste or pad is considered the heat conductive material that connects the GPU and the CPU with the metal heat sink. Then it directs the heat away from the processing unit, usually as the cooling fans. So the potential reason behind the laptops overheating consists of the dust-blocking intake grills, exhaust ports, clogged-up fan, degenerating thermal paste, and the thermal pad.

You can fix all the things by yourself that cause due to the overheating of the laptop. If you require a quick fix and do not have many skills for the CPU and GPU, then read all factors in the article. Some holes and solutions will be tougher, whereas some will be easier.

Signs of Overheating

If you are feeling hot by touch, it does not mean your laptop is overheating. Further, you get the two signs indicating the laptop’s overheating condition.

  • The very first sign of the laptop overheating is the sound. If the users are regularly running at the maximum speed, then it means that your computer is overheating and need to cool down.
  • The second sign of the laptop overheating is noticed when the laptop’s performance is dropping. When the laptop’s speed is automatically dropped down, and the clock speed of the CPU generates less heat, it shows the laptop is overheating.

Most Common Overheating Issues and How to Fix Them

If you are facing the overheating problem in your laptops and want to solve it, then the following points are the essential guide for you. Here we will tell you the common issues when the laptop is overheating due to regular use. You also learned here the way to fix the common issues. Let us start with the problems and their solutions.

Clean the Vents on the Laptop

The most common problem why the laptops are overheated is the dust that builds up in the computer and blocks the vans. It will make the higher rate of becoming louder the laptop’s fan spin.

Suppose the fans of the laptop blowing hot air cannot dissipate the heat from the internal cooling system due to the vents being blocked. In this way, the heat will reside inside and appear with more and more dust and build-up in the laptop. It will limit the fans from rotating properly and results in more heat.

So further, we would like to tell you some fixes that you just need to cool down the laptop.

Take Your Laptop Apart for Thorough Cleaning

The first thing you have to do to move the laptop apart. It is very easy to do, and if you type the brand name of your laptop on YouTube with the word disassembly, a huge number of videos are coming in front of you that help you take it apart.

This is the important step you must take when the dust builds in the laptop fans inside. That simply laptop-blowing hot air goes into your vents does the magic.

Clean the Inside of the Laptop With Compressed Air

Once you have taken the laptop apart, it is high time to blow out the dust inside the laptop’s fans. For this, it is suggested to hold your laptop vertically, use the can, and ensure that all the air is blown out from the laptop fans and other parts.

Along with keeping the can horizontally, It is Also suggested you ensure that you keep the can vertically as well as if you do not have the fuel and spray to use on the laptops by your hand and freeze the land.

Cleaning Delicate Areas with Cotton Pads

If you are done with the above step, take the cotton pad and use it to remove the residue or dust that is not removed by the compressed air. This method is more beneficial than the compact air method.

Reconnect all Cables of the Laptop to the Motherboard

This one is a very easy method to apply. Only you need to reassemble the laptop again and ensure that you are reconnected to the laptop’s cable with the motherboard.

1. A flat surface used to keep the laptop

As we know, some laptops have the bottom air vents to suck in the cool air. If you want to use your laptop on a pillow, lap, or blanket, you might block the air vents and prevent the Cooling air from flowing in. in this way, your laptop is not cooling from outside and become overheated. So to prevent the overheating conditions of the laptops, we always recommend you place the laptop on a flat surface.

2. Using a laptop cooling pad

With the above solutions, if you cannot cool your laptop and constantly face overheating issues, we suggest using the cooling pad of the laptop. These cool laptop pads are designed to generate better airflow under the laptop and blow the more cooling air straight onto the middle of the laptop, where most of the heat dissipates and goes Into the vents.

A laptop cooling pad can keep your laptop cool if any of the above methods are not working.

3. Repair your laptop

If you have already used the laptop cooling pad and are still overheating, you may choose the repairing option. You have to get the laptop fans repaired and check whether it is broken or need replacement or not.

Also, you must have the information that the laptops have only one fan to keep them safe from overheating, so if the fans break in the same circumstances, turn it from the active cooling to the passive cooling of the laptop.

4. Fixing the software

In the final solution, If you cannot afford the new laptop right now and have to use the existing one for a long time, you have to keep your current laptop cool by lowering its performance.

It is suggested to remove the junk files and boost the performance. It indicates that you will end up with a laptop that is going slow down before, but it might take some time and also save the money for buying the new one.

5. Check for the dead batteries.

There are a huge of the various types of batteries, and many different sources thought on the life span and battery life. Still, one thing that appeared pretty unanimous is that batteries that not meant for the storage of 100% or the 0% capacity. We know the huge of the people who buy the laptops every day and keep them on the full charge. It can reduce the battery’s life span, as you always prefer to store the full battery.

And the bad batteries do not give you a good result in the performance. And if you regularly keep your laptop on the charge, it may overheat and cause damage to your laptop.

So it is always suggested to check the laptop’s battery life while buying, so you can not face overheating problems.


Q1: Is it good to use the ice to cool down the laptop?

A1: Using the ice will be possible to cool down the laptop, but only for a short time. While using the ice, you have to consider one thing the ice will start to melt slowly, and the drop of the water will damage your laptop. So we never recommended using the ice to cool down the laptop.

Q2: How much time the laptop remains without the overheating?

A2: A laptop can remain cool for 30 minutes to 1 hour. Hence, if you use the laptop at a low performance or in idle mode, it will not overheat.

Q3: What will happen if the laptop overheats?

A3: When your laptop starts to overheat, it boosts the process and makes the speeds of the ion more fastly. The increased heat and chemical reaction reduce the laptop battery life and the amount of time to remain the laptop charges. As with the prolonged exposure to the heat, the laptop’s battery will become unusable.

Q4: Is the overheating make damaged to the laptop?

A4: According to the software reports and their website, it is determined that electronic gadgets such as laptops and computers can be damaged by overheating. A hot processor of the laptop slows down the laptop’s performance and makes its operation less effective. Sometimes the overheating of the battery can reduce the storm’s life span and make it unusable. In such conditions, you must either repair the battery by replacing it or buy the new one.

Q5: Is it possible to recover the laptop from overheating?

A5: It is determined that the unhealthy battery is the major cause of the overheating of the laptop, for which you have to replace the existing battery with the new one. If you hold the damaged battery into your laptop for a long time, it hurts the laptop’s internal badly. If you feel overheating is not caused by the storm, open the laptop, blow out the dust, and sweep all the debris gathered on the hardware.

Q6: At what temperature does the laptop automatically shutdowns?

A6: the motherboards of the laptop are loaded with the basic operating system known as the BIOS, which will make them shut down the laptop if the CPU temperature is increased at a certain level. The laptop’s automatic shutdown will vary according to the BIOS settings but normally lie from 70 to 100 degrees Celsius.


This article brings all information related to the overheating of the laptop. We also tell you here about the fixes to reduce and prevent the laptop from overheating damages. There is not only one reason for the laptop overheating. Many reasons cause the laptop to overheat. If you read the article properly, you will better know the cause and solutions to fix the overheating problem of the laptop.

If you also face the laptop overheating problem, it is highly recommended that you try the above solutions to get them running and cooling the laptop.

Hope the above solutions are beneficial for you and help you get out of the overheating problem. But if any of the methods are not working, then it is suggested you buy the new one.

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