HP Probook 4520s Opened

HP Probook 4520s Review


Well the HP Probook 4520s is definitely is a business notebook. It’s firm construction is suitable for travelling a lot. It can also be used for home/casual users. With the new Intel Core I3 380M it’s more than enough to handle everyday applications and provide stable workflow. The ATI HD6730 is not the perfect for gaming, even maybe a little less than enough for the casual games, but it may handle a few old 3D games and even the new FIFA 2011 with low graphics.


Well the biggest remark has to be the touchpad, I didn’t like the idea of being economic about the touchpad space. I personally don’t like touchpads at all and I find them difficult and stressful to work with, it’s rather slow due to the nature of that thing. But to mess around with that, and cause more imprecision is unserious for a “Pro” notebook.

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