Taging Pages on Photos

Facebook Allows Tagging Pages in Photos

Taging Pages on Photos
Taging Pages on Photos
Starting May 11th, users will be able to tag pages into their photos. This new feature will allow growth of the channel for Pages. Facebook is allowing only Pages categorized as “Brands and Products” or “People” to be tagged(this option will be expanded in near future). Users can tag any Page, whether they are fun of that Page or not. Tagged photos will appear in the Photos tab of that Page, and Page admins can remove photos from the tab in Edit Page> Posting Options and unchecking “Users can add photos”. When tagged, that Page will be exposed to the other “viewers” , so this way, that particular Page can gain new fans. Of course, if your photos are visible to everyone, everyone will be able to see the tagged Page, but if your photos are set to the option “only friends”, then only your friends will be able to see the photo of you, drinking juice with Roger Federer:). Since uploading pictures is one of the most utilized feature on Facebook, tagging of the Pages is a great opportunity for brands to make a wider online presence on the Social Network, which will of course result in free advertising. So, go ahead, abuse the privilege, my dear Facebook addicts:))

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