HP Probook 4520s Review

By Goce | Hardware

May 13
HP Probook 4520s Opened

What’s Inside?

HP Probook 4520s cpuidIntel is inside yes, and it’s a new second generation Intel Core I3 380M processor, clocked at 2.53 GHz. What it lacks in comparison to the Intel Core I5 and I7 series is the TurboBoost overclocking technology, but Hyperthreading is present which enables it to handle 4 threads at once, and thus significantly increasing performance over the Intel Core I3 370M for example.

HP Probook 4520s StickersAnd the unit allowing the cool little LED pixels to be filled with colors is the ATI Mobility Radeon HD 6370. It is a predecessor of the ATI HD5470, and in fact it is the same old processor inside only renamed, thus making the Radeon HD 6370 an entry level graphic card. Supports DirectX 11, and can transmit up to 8 channels and 190 KHz / 24bit over HDMI1.3a. Also supports the Eyefinity technology which enables the laptop to display on three monitors at the same time (the one of the notebook, and two external through the VGA and HDMI ports).

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