How to delete the stored personal information on Meta?

It is pretty standard for people to know about the policies of Facebook. One of which includes holding an individual’s personal information for security purposes. So, we can say that if you have a Facebook account, you must know that Facebook looks after every activity.

But even if we don’t provide our personal information or data directly to Meta, another person will give it. So the reason why metal stores all the information is when you sign up for any of the Mehta apps. Some of these include Instagram, Messenger and Facebook. You will also sign the terms and conditions. You would like to share your complete address with Facebook to make the connection easier. But there are many ways to help you remove the contact details from the data of Meta. So in this article, we will look towards the mysterious contact removal tool by Meta.

What Meta stores all information?

Suppose we talk about the information which Facebook knows about you, including your email address and contact number. So if any miscellaneous activity occurs on the social media app Facebook then Facebook can take strict actions. So all this information is collected by Facebook when you first sign up on Facebook Messenger or any other meta app, including Instagram. However, many people don’t want to share information.

But if you are not comfortable sharing the data, then there is a tool that Facebook provides for its users to help them remove all their details. Only details stored at the time of signing up, such as the email address and phone number, can be deleted from the database of the company. Only some people know about this tool. But it allows users to see if any of the details there are stored in the database of companies. So when you utilise the device, you can easily remove data from the Meta. As per the report by one of the famous sites, Insider, the contact removal tool has been on Facebook since May 2022.

What is inside the Facebook contact removal tool?

Facebook data/ contact removal tool allows people to see if their landline Number, phone number or email address and a person’s other personal details are present in the database of Facebook. With the help of this tool, you can ask Facebook to abolish all your personal information. Your number will store in the block list so that, in future, Facebook will upload the data again to the Facebook database.

Most importantly, when you remove the data from the address book of Facebook. Facebook won’t release your data altogether. Put Facebook stores all your details in a separate database under the block list. So from here, you can see that the data is still not entirely removed by Facebook. Instead of this, it is stored in a different database.

You can find the tool it is hidden inside the Facebook page help section. You will find a link that says, “click here for any questions and queries about Facebook rights”.

How does the contact removal tool work?

When you find the contact removal tool on the official page of Facebook, then it’s time to use it to remove all your information. Facebook once also explained that even if you have never signed up to use any services by Meta apps such as messenger com Instagram, or Facebook app Meta may still contain your contact details. Several years ago, the company asked its user to sign up for any apps to share information with phone contacts. It was done to help you find your friends quickly on social media.

But there is a significant side effect of using Meta. If we combine all the apps of the Meta, then it is used by over 3 billion users daily. So below, we have mentioned some steps you can follow to remove your contact information from the database of Meta.

1.    Choose the information which you want to delete

Once you open the tool, you will find three options: mobile number, email address and landline number. So from this, choose the information which you would like to delete.

2.    Enter your contact information

Now once you choose the option, whichever thing you want to delete. Now enter your email address or phone number and pick the platform such as messenger, Instagram or Facebook.

3.    Enter the confirmation code

Once you find your information, the matter will generate a code to your phone number or the email address which you have given. To make sure that only the account holder is using this process.

4.    Confirm the request for deletion

Once you enter the confirmation code, the matter will request that you confirm that you want to remove all the information from the database of Meta. And also, for the rest of your life, the data will be blocked and won’t be added again. If you are sure that you want to remove the data, then select the option of confirming. After that, a confirmation message will pop up on your screen.

Bonus Tip! Manually delete the data.

If this method does not work, you can use other ways, including manually deleting information. For example, if you want to delete any post you are tagged, you can do it manually by selecting the option of removing me from the centre. Apart from this, you can check the information page of your Facebook account. All the information is read into a separate database, including photos, likes, posts and many more. You can manually delete your data, such as the phone number or email address. But one thing to note here is that the information is only deleted from your profile, not Meta’s database. Apart from this, if you wish to hide your profile, you can do it by utilizing the feature of deactivating your account of Facebook.

Summing Up

Facebook, under Meta, has introduced new services that will let its user check their data on the database of Facebook. It includes your phone number, email address and other information. So by using the data removal tool, you can block or delete all the information. One thing to note here is that only some information from the database gets removed. All your profile data is already in a separate database, including photos, likes, posts and many more. When you select the option of contact removal, your contact information gets transferred into a new database under the block list. The contact removal tool has been available since late May 2022.

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