Unveiling Exynos: Is There a Dedicated Core for UI Optimization?

With the release of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 generation chipset in the last few months, the smartphone company Samsung has decided something. Samsung is planning to use the new Qualcomm solution to add to its Galaxy 23, which will be released next year, probably by the end of July 2023. So, Samsung has decided to adopt the Snapdragon 8 generation and will leave the Exynos 2300. However, people are placing their opinions in front of the company. So it needs to be clarified what the will be the decision of Samsung, especially in the battle of Qualcomm VS Exynos.

 If the company adopts Exynos one more time, it will bring money changes. It is because the previous Exynos version needed to be more satisfactory. These are only rumours because neither Qualcomm nor Samsung has made any official statement. However, in the wake of this, the company has leaked some details about the new Exynos 2300. So insured, we can say there is no information that the Galaxy 23 will use the Snapdragon 8 generation 2 or the Exynos 2300.

What’s unique in Exynos 2300?

Some details regarding the upcoming Exynos 2300 will be coming soon. If we talk about the design, it will adopt the design of 9,00,00,000. Apart from having four cores for energy efficiency and four for performance, something special is added. Well, this time, Samsung has added one extra particular Core for the optimisation of one UI. However, there needs to be something clarified by Samsung.

One unique thing about the UI optimisation core is that it will be similar to the cortex M series. It will ensure that the UI system operation runs smoothly. Previously it has been reported that this time Samsung will split the development process of the Exynos chip with the artificial intelligence, communication development and computing department. The AI development will be responsible for making GPU/NPU/CPU. At the same time, the computing department will be responsible for phone-making baseband.

Although all those plans were already present since 2020, the internal team management could have been better. The pandemic strangled the company to do the changes in the Exynos. It will be a significant change in the development of trip resorts. Moreover, the smartphone company Samsung has recently announced that it will work with Google and AMD to make higher-more performing and stable chips. So shortly, the Galaxy series performance will satisfy people’s needs. However, there are rumours that Apple is also making something big by collaborating with Google. By next year we will see how many changes are in the Galaxy 23 and Apple iPhone 15.

Samsung will stick to AMD GPU for the chipset design of Galaxy S25.

Apart from adding a new core for UI optimisation, the Samsung smartphone chipset, which will be in Galaxy S25, has many changes. For example, the new chipset will contain Cortex-X5 CPU cores which will be 2 in number, Cortex-A5xx CPU core – 4 and Cortex-A7xx CPU core – 2. In addition, it will also contain RDNA 3 AMD GPU, which will have eight cores. Out of which, four are for work processors. For smooth UI optimisation, Samsung will include one more Core for UI optimisation in its next Exynos 2300. However, the name of the chipset might not be Exynos.

Okay, now back to the possibility of adding 2300 in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S 23; the possibility is less. The chipset won’t be produced in mass amounts, and there might not be many changes as well. However, the company is trying two make Exynos 2400 more competitive with the Snapdragon chipset, which will release in 2024. Samsung may be attempting a significant comeback with a surface CPU for the Samsung S25 and its premier Exynos processors. But it appears that Samsung is committing fully to adding Samsung 8 Generation2. Recently on the 15th of November 2022 released, the new chipsets Samsung 8 generation 2.

When will we be able to see Exynos 2300?

The South Korean best technological giant, Samsung, has already decided to make new changes to the processor of the Samsung Galaxy S23. However, Samsung always wanted to collaborate with Qualcomm. Nevertheless, Samsung will still make developments in the chipset. As per the report, Samsung has decided to make development an Exynos 2300. The Exynos 2300 will work on the 3nm GAA process of manufacturing.

They recall that the company has adopted a dual-performance strategy for manufacturing Galaxy S series products. For instance, last year, Samsung released Galaxy S22, which contains the Exynos 2200 and Snapdragon 8 generation 1. Thus, rumours state that the Samsung S23 will also contain the Snapdragon 8 generation 2 and Exynos 2300.

Twitter’s most popular leakster, Roland, also claims that the company will ship Exynos chipset in the name of Quadra. However, currently, the name of Exynos 2200 is Pamir. All the models of Samsung Galaxy S 22 have used the name Pamir. However, that does not mean Samsung will again change its name.

Specification of Samsung Exynos 2200

Samsung used it in Samsung s 22 series. It consists of 8 cores which are grouped in 3 different clusters. It also contains the cortex-S2 with 2.8 GHz. Apart from this, there are also three more Arm Cortex A7-0 that are 2.5 GHz. Additionally, it also contains a 200mP image processor. You also get to see 8k videos. Overall it will provide you with a great experience in terms of performance.

Specifications of Exynos 2300

Some sources have led some information regarding the new exhaust 2300. It will follow different manufacturing processes—this time, Samsung has brought the 3nm GAA fabrication. Exynos 2300 power efficiency will be more significant than the Exynos 2200. Moreover, there are chances that Samsung might use the ARM CPU and Radeon GPU.

People who have used the exhaust 2200 must be aware of its poor performance, especially the issues with the throttling. So Apple has been far ahead in the race of technology compared to that Exynos.

Summing Up

Include conclusion, whatever Samsung adopts; we will witness in the Samsung Galaxy S23 either it can choose the Snapdragon 8 generation 2, or it can also use the Exynos 2300. Samsung has already decided to make new changes to the processor of the Samsung Galaxy S23. Exynos 2300 power efficiency will be more significant than the Exynos 2200. Additionally, their information stated that Galaxy S23 would consist of one additional Core for UI optimisation. However, the release date of both Galaxy S23 and Exynos will be out anytime soon. So we have to wait until next year. Most probably, the Exynos will have more improvement.

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