How Does a Router Work South Park

How Does a Router/Switch Work?

How Does a Router Work South Park

Well I have to admit I’m an IRC guy. Had a lot of good times on it. I used to have lots of friends there(not the only ones lol), meet and chat with new people, love at first sight (even though it turned out a completely different person, quite the opposite if I may say, after we’ve got to know each other a little bit by exchanging pictures :P . I used to kick guys just because I don’t like how they look (yah I was a bully), and even ban them from my own room! :D I knew IRC since it was born! Well not exactly, but at least since my social life started to evolve :P.

Just kidding :P . No really! Don’t get me wrong I’m no chatter blabbing around all day with people I don’t even know if they are real or bots :). But I do use IRC a lot, idling most of the time and reading some interesting conversations that were made from time to time. Well here is one classic for ya I got the other day from a nerdy(but in a cool way) channel I usually idle in:


[01:25] <+sharkie> lol

[01:26]<+sharkie> i asked someone at work how a router worked

[01:26] <+sharkie> he responded with, well the packet comes in one end, and it gets routed around, and then packet leaves other end

[01:27] <&wOLF> lol

[01:27] <+sharkie> i asked him well how does a switch work

[01:27] <+sharkie> same response

[01:27] <+sharkie> well the packet comes in gets switched around in circles then it goes out the other end

[01:28] <&wOLF> classic

[01:28] <&wOLF> guy knows his stuff

[01:28] <+sharkie> i didnt ask him how does a hub works though

[01:28] <&wOLF> Lol

[01:29] <+sharkie> alright, i gotta get back to work

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