Mozilla Firefox 4

Mozilla Foxier than Ever

Yesterday Mozilla Firefox released the final version of Firefox 4, which already gained over 5 million downloads. According to the statistics, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9,also recently released, reached a total of 2.3 million downloads in the first 24 hours. I guess the new Mozilla browser is twice as foxier as Internet Explorer 9:). The latest version of Mozilla Firefox introduces a new look,new features for more efficient navigation and improvements to the Java Script engine,which made Firefox’s speed six time faster than the previous releases.Check out the new features on Mozilla Firefox web site.I will not tell you the address,but I am sure you will find it, it is extremely popular. :))Mozilla Firefox 4

2 thoughts on “Mozilla Foxier than Ever”

  1. Firefox has been downloaded almost double till now.

    You can watch the counter going crazy on the link below. Also you can see where it is being downloaded on a geo map: Cool Stuff huh?

    Btw I figured out the address for download :P

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