Get Real Time location with the new Live View feature by Google Maps

Recently Google has released a new feature in its map app. The whole new update in Google Maps provides an immersive experience to users. It helps to give a better understanding of your neighbourhood. Here we are talking about the all-new “LIVE VIEW” feature of Google Maps. It offers eco-friendly routing. With the help of a live view option, users can easily search for the nearby place of interest.

Now you can use the live view to different locations nearby. For example, you can take a look at your street. These live view features are rolling out on all iOS and Android devices, and most people living in New York, Paris, London, Los Angeles, and San Francisco benefit from this feature. Although this feature will be released soon in other parts of the world, you must wait for more as Google is still working on it.

Get ready for A.R. Google Live view!

For a very long time live view feature has been there, and it is constantly evolving. Now Google has a big plan for improving its “live view” feature. The new augmented reality live view feature lets people get more information about their neighbourhood. In the previous version, users could navigate their streets provided with the Street View camera in their smartphones. It helps people look around the world and get help finding the direction by looking at their screens and then finding the path by looking at their screens. However, with the introduction of augmented reality, users will get new information on their screens, such as Transit stations, ATMs, restaurants and many more. 

What is augmented reality in Google Maps?

Most of you might be familiar with the term augmented reality. But you might have yet to see it on google maps. The new Google map live view, or A.R., allows users to use augmented reality to help them navigate locations while walking. Simply put, you can utilise the camera on the phone’s rear, which will help you identify different things. It includes your current location, detail of display, and superimposing images rather than giving you only the map.

A.I. helps to identify what the person sees, whereas the G.P.S. features help to tell you about your position by locating it on the map. Apart from this, many people need clarification while using the location, but with the help of the live view, you can see the direction more clearly.

What exactly is Augmented Reality?

Before going into Google Maps’ augmented reality, it’s essential to understand how augmented reality works. A.R. creates a physical world often produced by a smartphone and includes some digital pictures. Augmented reality overlays the real life of a person.

Using the A.R. system has numerous benefits. Let’s understand each by some examples. For example, most of you must be familiar with Pokemon go, a mobile game available on Android and iOS devices. So this game works using the G.P.S. location of players so that they can easily catch or find the Pokemon, which are digital creatures.

 Although the Pokemon game represents the recreation of augmented reality, which used different cases when it was introduced in the market, it was trendy but needed more practicality. It also created seasonality barriers because many users were unhappy to go outside to find the Pokemon, especially during the winter. Thus after some time, the game received a poor response. But still, it’s the best example of the use of augmented reality.

However, with the evolution of technology, there is much more improvement in A.R. You can see the changes in the Google Maps augmented reality navigation system. It employs the use of permanence point and practicality, which makes Google Maps AR.

Working on A.R. Navigation

The newly developed A.R. navigation system of google Maps works on Augmented reality. Only a few people of you can help us with the A.R. navigation of Google Maps. The company is also called a local guide. People using air navigation will write reviews, answer questions, add places, check facts and share photos on Google Maps.

Technology has been regarded as the perfect world inside our mobile phones. Once you tap the option of starting A.R., which comes along with the location option of the map, then the Static view of the map will be replaced by a live camera, which will depict the real world. It combines location data, Street View images and G.P.S. With the help of this app, you can easily visualise your real-time location, overlayed by the animated display representing the real-time directions.

Where to find the feature of live view?

If you want to use the live view features, then here are some of the steps which you need to be followed:

  • The first thing to do is add the destination where you want to go.
  • Select the option of walking
  • Tab the option of live view, which is present at the bottom
  • The AR view will activate. It would be best if you tilted your smartphone.

How to use the live view feature of Google Maps?

Once you start the live view, you will see the best route, usually found in the old version of Google Maps. However, when the system begins the directions, the voice will instruct you to lift your smartphone. After that, the augmented reality feature will start. Remember that you need to keep your phone tilted rather than flat. As the A.R. feature only works in the tilted position. However, you can force the phone by clicking on the pointer present at the left corner at the bottom. With the Live View, you will see the distance and road names. Also, the A.R. will let you see the right direction.

When will the live view feature of Google map available?

The feature of live view was already launched in the year 2019. But it was only available for A.R. core Android phones and ARkit Apple phones. But the latest live view feature powered by augmented reality is only available in a few states of the U.S.A. Moreover, by 2023, you will find this feature in your Google maps.

Many companies such as Apple, Microsoft and Meta are also working on the combined A.R. feature with their map data. However, Google has left all the companies behind by using A.R. technology. As per Google, you can use the A.R. effect in any region or location. However, it depends on the presence of the street view features.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Google Live view will provide many benefits to people. However, it has yet to be released publicly. But in some parts of the U.S.A., the Google Live View feature has already been released to see people’s responses. The new Google map live view, or A.R., allows users to use augmented reality to help them navigate locations while walking. Simply put, you can utilise the camera on the phone’s rear, which will help you identify different things. It includes your current location, detail of display, and superimposing images rather than giving you only the map.

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