Xiaomi Goes Against the Grain with Its Outward-Foldable Phone

With the immense technological growth, many companies are trying to introduce something new daily. Quite recently, foldable smartphones have been gaining much popularity. One such company is Samsung. In recent times Samsung has created Galaxy Z fold features advanced technology. Similarly, Xiaomi has also entered the race to make foldable smartphones.

Recently prototype of the new Xiaomi foldable phone getting viral on social media. In the prototype, we can see that Xiaomi is creating something different. This time it will be a foldable smartphone with folding towards the outside. Among the most famous Tipster, Kuba, a picture of Xiaomi’s outward foldable smartphone posted on his social media account. Looking at the image closely, you will find it resembles the Mate X series of Hawaii. Apart from this, the case of the smartphone also folds outwards. So, if you want to change the display to full screen, you need to unfold it. So now let’s see what all Miami has got in its outward foldable smartphone.

Xiaomi’s outward foldable smartphone mimics the Mate X.

Many people are comparing the prototype leaked on the Internet with the Mate X of Huawei. Only a few companies are working on making outward-folding smartphones because of the complexity of the display. So Xiaomi has joined the race of outward folding smartphones having the show outside. It becomes essential to match the need of people. Also, only a few companies are making this type of smartphone, so there is less competition.

However, if we look at the foldable phones of smart Xiaomi, then Xiaomi has M1 Mix fold and fold 2, both of which are inward foldable smartphones. So the new outward smartphone from Xiaomi will be the first in the lineup of Xiaomi mobiles. Apart from this, you will be able to see a rear camera in the leaked picture of the Xiaomi prototype. You won’t believe it, But it consists of 4 rear cameras. Apart from this, the new smartphone will have Snapdragon 856 SoC along with the Xiaomi modem. All these features will be a part of the Xiaomi 13 series.

Is Xiaomi 13 coming anytime soon?

Along with the release of the foldable smartphone, Xiaomi is preparing for its much-awaited Xiaomi 13 series. 2 phones will be part of this series, including the Xiaomi 13 pro and Xiaomi 13. Although it’s in the testing stage, most countries in southern Asia are using it. Some internal sources have stated that Xiaomi will release its new smartphone in early 2023. Also, the bis, the Bureau of Indian standard, have revealed much more information about the upcoming Xiaomi 13. The mobile phones will come with a triple setup of rear cameras. Apart from this, you will be getting a centralised punch cutout. People can attach them to the selfie camera.

Moreover, if we talk about the design, the Xiaomi 13 pro will be more prominent in size and have a display of 6.7 inches with an LTPO display. If we talk about the resolution, it will be the same as that of Xiaomi 13, which will be 2K.

First foldable phone by Xiaomi

Although the News about the outward foldable smartphone came after it was released by one of the tipsters on Twitter, Xiaomi has a long history of creating foldable smartphones. One such smartphone is Mi mix Fold. The Mi Mix competes with other brands, including the Galaxy Z fold series and Huawei Mate series. The idea behind making the foldable smartphone comes by combining the original Mi Mix with the Mi alpha.

The concept showcased the innovative efforts of the company. Because of the enormous popularity of the company, Xiaomi has decided to create outward foldable phones. Although officially, there is no information from the side of Xiaomi. So that means we have to wait a lot to see outward foldable smartphones. Mix fold developed for commercial purposes has majorly influenced many people. Xiaomi’s first-ever folding smartphone has many features. Apart from this, the Mix Fold smartphone also features ISP.

Mi Fold availability and price details

Mi fold smartphone price will be available for CNY 10,000. It will be available for 12 GB RAM with a 256 GB internal storage model. However, if you want more internal storage, you can get 12 GB ram with 512 GB internal storage, which will cost you around 11,000. Lastly, the most significant variant consists of 16 GB ram and 512 GB internal storage available at 13,000 CNY. The MI fold has been open since April 2022.

When will Xiaomi reveal outward foldable smartphones?

Additionally, a small number of foldable smartphones are now in the general public; commercial production has yet to begin. It appears that Xiaomi has already been delaying the release of an externally foldable smartphone for rational reasons.

It is assumed that it has been put aside for durability concerns. Compared to devices that fold inside, an outward foldable phone has additional difficulties. It is weaker and more vulnerable to dings, cracks, and other issues.

Final Thoughts

Xiaomi, the most fantastic smartphone company, has created foldable smartphones. The prototype of the Xiamoi outward foldable smartphone has already been released. But the company has not confirmed anything yet. Apart from this, Xiaomi will be releasing the new Xiaomi 13 in the year 2023.

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