How to be a live audience to Snapdragon Gen 2 announcement?

Recently Qualcomm has announced the Snapdragon summit, which will be happening this week. Already a 2-day workshop is completed. In this Summit, Qualcomm showcased its latest technology advancements and silicon chip visuals, bringing a new wave to all smartphone devices. It will be experienced through automotive audio, mobile phone, reality, and many more. More importantly, the company announced the next flagship chip for mobile in the Snapdragon Summit.

Most likely, this new chip will power almost every single Android phone which will be coming next year. So in this article, we will look at all announcements made during the Snapdragon summit.

The first day of the Summit happened on November 15, 2022. In this, the company unveiled the new Snapdragon 8 with generation 2. On the second day of the conference, the company showcased the new AR platform while revealing the features of the Snapdragon 8 generation 2.

Unleash the Snapdragon Summit!

Finally, the day came when the most awaited Snapdragon agent two was released publicly on the Summit’s first day. In this, the company revealed the upcoming Snapdragon 8, and the many features of the forthcoming chip also came out publicly. So if you have missed that, you can follow this link. It contains all the information about the Summit that happened on November 15. So now let’s see what happened on day 2 of Summit.

Day 2: Beyond the Smartphone

On November 11, 2022, the most prominent Snapdragon summit occurred the next day. But it was not about the smartphone well; Qualcomm focused mainly on the other running projects. Like laptops, earbuds, and even artificial intelligence and vehicles. Most importantly, the company said it would go beyond smartphones next year.

Relive the features of Snapdragon Gen 2

On the most prominent Summit of 2022, Qualcomm revealed the much-awaited Snapdragon 8 Gen2 smartphone chip. Most critical features were also displayed at the meeting, so let’s disclose each component.

Snapdragon Camera

Whenever we purchase a phone, most of us look for the quality of the camera. The Snapdragon Gen 2 has many improvements, providing unique benefits to all its consumers. This time it’s going to be the cognitive ISP of Gen 2. The Spectra ISP, which Qualcomm calls an image signal processor, takes the image segmentation that comes from the predecessor of Snapdragon 8 Gen 2.

Different benefits are also added, including real-time processing of the images. In simple words, the device camera can recognize between ground and sky. With its help, you can adjust the pixel level, tone, and sharpness and apply different colors to the pictures. It can perform this kind of real-time analysis on both still images and moving pictures and display a more accurate final image upon that viewer while taking pictures with little to no lag. So this feature will undoubtedly be the most significant to challenge phones with the best camera.

Gaming Visuals

Majorly people purchase phones based on the gaming front is essential. But this time, the Snapdragon gaming features will be the same as the previous version, which was the Snapdragon 8. However, some features not in the earlier version are also added. Overall it will provide an excellent impressive experience to all gamers. Well, one of the features of real-time hardware ray tracking promises to provide its audience with the best gaming experience with reflections, lighting, and illuminations. The company has also included support for the Metahuman framework and Engine 5. It will help to produce photo-realistic in-game characters that will resemble close humans.

All these things are made possible by the upgradation of the core. Moreover, you will also get to try your hands on the newest GPU Adreno. It will improve the performance by 25% so that you can play the game without interruption. Apart from this, the company has also upgraded the CPU that comes along with the prime core.

  • 1x prime core:  3.2 GHz
  • 4x core performance – 2.8 GHz
  • 3x core efficiency – 2.0 GHz

3x core efficiency will bring about a 35% improvement in performance, giving 40% power. The company has also promised to provide longer batteries allowing users to play for long hours.

Snapdragon Sound

Snapdragon’s new best sound technology integrates the audio experience in the Snapdragon 8. The chipset contains exceptional audio, and the head tracking feature supports multiple devices and gives you an immersive experience of listening to music. Most of the flagship smartphones will be running on this. People who are listening to lossless music might get to get support from the lossless streaming of 48kHz. Apart from these, many improvements in Bluetooth connectivity can also be observed. Especially for gamers who want to play lag-free games will love it.

Snapdragon Sight

There are many changes if we talk about the camera like it will have Cognitive ISP. The camera quality can recognize different aspects in a single image. Such as clothes, background, hair, color, etc., each component will be highlighted individually, giving a real-time image experience. Similarly, the Samsung mobile also consists of a 200MP ISOCELL sensor optimized for the Gen 2. Moreover, once you try it, you will get improved video and photo quality.

Snapdragon connect

Snapdragon 8 generation 2 features a 5G processor and would be the cheapest chipset with multiple features. The company has also promised to provide a faster upload of images that come with the 5G network. The company has also worked on latency, power efficiency, and coverage. All these things are improved in the new Snapdragon 8 generation 2.

The Snapdragon Generation 2 will also feature 5G dual SIM support, enabling users to utilize up to 2 different SIM cards. It will also bring WiFi connectivity, providing speeds up to 5.8 Gbps. If we compare it with the WiFi 6, it will have a rate double that of the previous one. The Snapdragon 8 will also provide Bluetooth 5.3 support that brings you dual connectivity reducing the latency so you can easily stream movies and videos online.

Snapdragon Secure

The newest Snapdragon 8 generation 2 comprises enhanced protection because of the security of Snapdragon. The Snapdragon Secure improves the performance of the cryptographic, key management, and isolation. Apart from this, you will find that the face lock system functionality has improved quite a lot.

The release of the Snapdragon 8 generation 2 will arrive on December 20 22. Moreover, devices utilizing the chipset will come in 2023. The smartphone using the Snapdragon 8 generation will cost you around $800.

Summing Up

On November 15, Qualcomm updated about the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 at the Snapdragon Summit. The Summit lasted for two days, and on both days, the company revealed its plan to make headphones and earbuds. So if you have missed that, you can follow this link. Moreover, in the upcoming year, people will witness the much-awaited Snapdragon 8 Gen2.

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