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Tim Cook and Steve Jobs
Aug 25

Tim Cook`s Motivational E-mail

By Angelina | Tech News

After yesterdays news about Steve Job`s resign as Apple`s CEO, his “replacement” Tim Cook wrote an e-mail to the Apple team, that Apple will proceed with it`s work and that nothing is going to change, except the CEO :). Here is Cook`s e-mail: “Team: I am looking forward to the amazing opportunity of serving as […]

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Aug 21

Skype will Acquire GroupMe

By Angelina | Tech News

It is still not official but apparently Skype agreed to buy the messaging service GroupMe. GroupMe is a group messaging service that was founded in 2010 in New York by Jared Hecht and Steve Martocci. The company currently has 20 employees. GroupMe allows you to create private phone groups, and then send the messages via […]

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Mozilla Firefox 6
Aug 17

Mozila Firefox 6 released

By Goce | Tech News

After the great success with the Firefox 5, Mozzilla released the Firefox 6 version. In comparison with the previous version there are no major changes.It does not bring any changes in the User Interface, but apparently, this version of Mozilla is 20% faster than the old one, which also results in better start up time […]

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Dell 13z 14z
Aug 11

Dell Launched 13z and 14z Laptops

By Angelina | Hardware , Tech News

After facing many critics on its design and not very satisfying customer service, which of course resulted in some serious market share loses, Dell has decided to change the way thing work. Therefore, they have decided to do a little remake to its laptops, making them only an inch thick. Both of this new design features […]

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Google Preview Pane
Aug 05

Gmail Gets a Preview Pane

By Angelina | Tech News

Today Google improved the mail with an additional feature in the Labs department :) called a Preview Pane. I`m sure all of the users of Outlook, Hotmail and Yahoo mail are familiar with this option, but it`s every time more exciting when Google has one :) A +1 for this one :) As we said, […]

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Facebook for business
Jul 27

Facebook for Business

By Angelina | Social Media , Tech News

Well this is a big surprise.. Noot :) I wonder what took Facebook so long to launch this “unexpected” upgrade. After dealing with many critics about Google +, and how people couldn`t set up a business accounts, Facebook decided to do a little correction to the mistakes Google made. So here we are, we got […]

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