How to Hack E-mail accounts without giving a scratch?

With the increase in cybercrimes, proper measures must be taken to protect your data. Cybercriminals can use various methods to enter your system, whether by malware software or phishing. Most commonly, social media, SMS and email are the best sources for sharing links which contain malware. The most common source of all these cyber-attacks is email. It increases the risk of leaking your bank account details, credit card details and social media account passwords.

The hacker uses your information for nefarious schemes. Most people know all this, but some don’t know that cyberattacks can be performed through email and cell phones. Most commonly used email sites such as Gmail, Yahoo and even outlook can be hacked easily. There are various methods how for hacking a Gmail account. So in this article, we will look at how to hack email accounts using various sources.

How can email be used for hacking?

To hack a email Account is easy. Hackers choose email because it contains ample information about the users that the hacker can use. Hacking through email can cause much damage to the system as well as the personal life of an individual. Find a way to hack the email account is quite easy. Hackers commonly send a link to your email by impersonating a member of major brands. Once you click on the link, the hacker has full access to your system.

Should you give your email address to anyone?

As per the strategic advisor, Tony Dudley, it’s impossible to retain the email address secretly. Email is used in every single thing. You need an email account whether you work in your school or office. Even the government organisation sends messages via email. Social media accounts are created to interact with family and friends, also made using an email address. So whether you’re doing any digital transaction or making any online purchase, you need an email address. That is why it is the soft spot for hackers to hack your system.

But one thing you can do is selectively share your information with someone you trust. If you find any link in your email, you should only click it if you are fully sure who the sender is. Not only email through normal SMS hackers tries to invade your system. Freely sharing the mail could cause you to fall into the trap that the hackers make. Many marketing sites send emails in bulk which might be irritating, so this is where the hacker tries to hack your system.

Why the hackers try to use email addresses?

It is one of the common questions that arise in everybody’s mind. Let’s take the example of Yahoo. Yahoo is among the most popular email sites. So hacker utilises this site to send emails to millions of customers using Yahoo. There are various methods available on how to hack into Yahoo email. However, they have a very strong networking system that they cannot easily access. So, we can say that it’s not easy to do Yahoo mail account hacking. In 2012 over 4 lakh Yahoo accounts were hacked by the Yahoo hacker pro. Most commonly, phishing is used to hack accounts. Similarly, the Gmail hack and Outlook hack can be performed using various phishing techniques.

What happens after a scammer invades your email account?

Once the hacker knows about the email address of a victim, then they steal the financial and personal information. Not only that, through your contacts, they can take the information of your family and friends. Scammers use mostly phishing emails to take access to the email of the victim. Once the hackers know about the email address, they have gathered half the information. The only thing required after this is the password. To get the email, they try to trick you by sending emails. Once you click the link, they ask you to log in to your Gmail account. This is where they get your password. To get rid of such kinds of emails, it’s important that you use anti-phishing software or any other security apps. It will protect you from any phishing attacks. 

Various methods to hack email

With so many hacking tools and methods available. We have listed hackers’ most commonly used techniques to hack email accounts. However, we have seen how to hack an email. So, let’s see other ways to hack.

1.    Spoof the email address

Not just by sending emails, hackers can also hack your account by spoofing the email address. This trick is mostly used for Gmail hack. In this method, the hackers create a forged sender address that seems like the victim. Then the email is used to mail spoof messages to the victim, which contains malware. They often ask for money. If you see how to hack a Gmail account, you will use this method at the top of the list.

2.    Keylogging

It is among the easiest way to hack. Especially for those people who wish to start with hacking on How to hack an email account. In keylogging, whatever the user types are recorded in the system. It is related to the keyboard. Many apps are available to perform this trick. Keylogger is one of the spy programs you can use to learn to hack. Apart from Gmail hackers,  Yahoo Hacker Pro also utilises this method to hack email. To use, no prior knowledge of hacking is required. It is hard to detect this type of hacking. Even if you have no access to the victim’s computer, you can add it remotely.

3.    Phishing

It is far more difficult to perform in comparison to keylogging. For this, you need to know about hacking. In phishing, scam webpages look very similar to legitimate websites. The fake webpages resemble that of Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo. Apart from these social accounts, people can be hacked using this method. The link to pages can be sent via the use of email. Mostly Gmail hack is performed using this method. Knowledge of PHP, CSS, JSP and HTML is needed. It is always recommended to add a 2FA on your email account to avoid these kind of mishaps

4.    Password Guessing

Another way of hacking is using emails. Just like keylogging, it is also an easy language to learn. It depends on the thinking power, and based on that password is cracked.

Summing Up

Have you previously questioned how hackers access email passwords?  You can experiment with several methods to crack an email account’s password. The most common source of all the cyber-attacks is email. Email accounts can all be hacked. We have mentioned some ways to hack an email account—especially how to hack Gmail and other email sites. Even outlook hacked can be done by this method.

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