What made the new generation evas move away from apps tracking their menstrual cycle?

A woman has to undergo many changes from adolescence to adulthood, including various changes in the body. One such change is the menstrual cycle which lasts up to 40 to 45 years of a woman. The mensuration cycle is part of every single woman’s life. Every 28 to 30 days, the next menstrual cycle happens. But sometimes, it becomes really necessary to track down the menstrual cycle. So for this purpose, menstrual cycle apps are being developed.

Recently a study found that apps used to track the menstrual cycle are not making users happy. It was found to lack assumptions, accuracy and assumption on sexual identity. Apart from this, they only work on the floor and pink pattern and do not work on the customisation and function of the app. So in this article, we will look at why people should stop using a period tracking app.

What’s there in the menstrual cycle tracking app?

Menstrual cycle trackers have been very popular lately. It has been estimated that around one out of 3 American women uses the menstrual cycle app. This was as per the 2019 survey published by one of the most famous foundations, the Kaiser foundation. These apps have greatly been helping women to make their life easier. With search apps, it’s easier to detect health issues and also do family planning. When you know when your menstrual cycle will come, you can choose the most suitable time for your holiday. But recently, it has been found that many people have reported some privacy issues with the app. This was very similar to the case of period tracking apps roe v wade.

What was there in the case of roe V. Wade?

One of the famous cases in the history of America was that of Roe v wade about privacy. The case petition was first filed in 1973, according to which it became right for women to get an abortion. The states were also asked to decide that they needed to regulate the rule. After this move, it was found that nearly half the US states were enabling the rule of abortion rights. After that, many people deleted the period tracker app. The reason for it was found to be that people fear that the period tracker collects the data shared with the app. That might start targeting people who are going for an abortion.

Although the period tracker has been popular for a long time, it is undoubtedly one of the most useful tools. This app is utilised to avoid pregnancy, plan pregnancy and track menopause signs. If we look into the menstrual cycle apps, thousands of apps are available in the play store and App Store. However, they all have the same purpose of tracking the menstrual cycle. Menstrual cycle tracking has been a lucrative industry for programmers, who share user data and app usage with outside marketers and advertising.

What is the purpose of using a period tracking app?

Mensuration apps store the user in a port related to the menstrual cycle, which is made based on the month and can help predict when you will have your next menstrual cycle. Apart from this, there are many benefits associated with the period tracking application. These include recording the changes detecting any irregularities in the cycle, indicating symptoms which include cramps and mood, recording sexual activity and predicting the time of fertility. People have just attended puberty; this app is wonderful for them. It has been found that period tracking apps selling data.

Some menstrual cycle tracking apps focus mainly on a woman’s pregnancy. Some of them even offer lifestyle and health advice. Only some of them can connect the users with healthcare providers through which they can raise their concerns or question. It is also good for people who have just entered puberty. If you have an irregular menstrual cycle, they can help you track when you have your previous menstrual cycle and if there is a problem. It is good for people who have just attended puberty and those who do not have regular menstrual cycles. So here is the list of benefits associated with using the periods tracking app.

The main purpose of this app is to track the menstrual cycle, which will let you understand the average length of the menstrual cycle. Everyone has a different body, and predicting the menstrual cycle is quite unpredictable. Most people consider the 28th the day when your next cycle occurs, but that’s not the case. With the help of a period tracking application, it becomes easier to get an average of the menstrual cycle. Some of the most amazing apps are easier to use and control. One such app is the clue app.

Menstural Cycle is phenomenal not technical

One of the most common misconceptions among women is that at the time of ovulation, there are chances that they can get pregnant. So this is completely ridiculous as it has been found that there are high chances of pregnancy every 20 days of your menstrual cycle. But after ovulation on the 14th day, the possibility of becoming pregnant decreases. This feature is present in the menstrual cycle, which can easily tell you when is the perfect time for fertility.

Lastly, the menstrual cycle is the key indicator of the overall health of any woman. If you have your periods on time, you’re healthy. But if you have heavy or unpredictable periods, you have some problems with your body. In such cases, the menstruation tracking app helps track your menstrual status.

So these are some of the benefits associated with all different types of the menstrual cycle. But now we have to look towards the problems associated with the menstrual cycle app.

Why should you delete all the menstrual cycle apps from your smartphone?

One of the major issues that always comes with the period tracking app is that many people have complained about privacy issues. This means that the data stored in the menstrual tracking app might be used against them by the fraudulent. It has been said that period tracking apps selling data.

Many women have completed that period tracking apps need to be more flexible and accurate to determine their Cycle. The common problem arises when the periods are irregular. Many periods tracking apps don’t even work properly and do not predict the actual dates accurately. It Is not an effective way of planning pregnancy. This happens because the ovulation cycle changes quite frequently. So it becomes very difficult to track down the right to become pregnant.

Some people have also complained about the iconography in the app. It assumes that the sexual partners of the woman are always male. Some users have even complained about using flower images and pink colours. Rather than focusing on the display and utility, the app focuses on looking good.

Summing Up

The mensuration cycle is part of every single woman’s life. It occurs every month and last 4 to 5 days. The next menstrual date and ovulation are hard to predict. So for this purpose, period tracking apps are being developed to detect when your next period will come, and many other advantages are also there. There are also many concerns raised by the users, especially regarding privacy, so it has been suggested that everyone stop using menstrual cycle apps. We have also seen the case of roe v wade about privacy of the menstrual tracking apps.

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