Why won’t Apple provide a touchscreen on the mac?

Recently happen has launched its new Mac book pro. It has gained a lot of positive reviews from customers, and people like it a lot. But still, something is missing that every single person has complained about: the feature of face ID and touch screen. Ever since apple started making Mac book, it has never used the face ID and touch screen feature.

People who are not using a touchscreen  Macbook are questioning that does apple have a touchscreen laptop. Well, the answer to that is a big no. So what is the reason behind Apple not adopting the Mac book touchscreen feature? So in this article, we will be looking towards why Apple has not developed a touchscreen Macbook. So let’s get started with it.

What is the feature of face ID?

Face ID is most commonly used in smartphones such as apple. It is a type of lock feature which is there in your iPhones. But Apple still needs to adopt this feature. It is still working on the password to unlock the laptop. So we can say that able has little to deliver.

Due to the absence of these features, many people are moving towards other alternatives. But recently, Apple has announced that it is thinking of adding touch ID and face ID features to its Mac book, although there is no evidence that it is true. But sometimes, later, we might see the feature of the MacBook touchscreen and face ID.

Why is Apple not opting for the touchscreen?

Many people are still assuming that does apple have a touchscreen laptop. There is a clear sign that Steve Jobs gave a year back in an interview that apple users might not be able to see touchscreen Macs anywhere soon.

Although it may be an ergonomic nightmare for some people, the reason why apple is not making this laptop is that the Touch screen is used with your hands. Our hands consist of many bacteria and greasy smears. Although we cannot see them through the naked eye, they are present in our bodies.

Also, it has been found that working with a greasy finger can leave Smudge marks all over the screen. It breaks the workflow, and you might need to maintain a lot if you use a touchscreen laptop. Also, working on a touch screen is quite uncomfortable and tiring. We look at the shelf life or the battery life then laptops which do not have touch screens have more battery life and are good for the long run.

What’s the viewpoint of the Founder of Apple?

It has often been said that adding an office ID or touch screen is a very bad idea. In an interview in 2010, Steve Jobs stated that there had been tons of tests being done on users, and it has been finding out that this did not work. Touch surfaces or not meant to be vertical.

Multiple tests have been done, and it has been found that sometimes people working on the touch screen laptop feel fatigued. And if it keeps on increasing, then there are chances that you might start feeling pain in your arms and back. So, in short, it does not work properly.

Advantages of having a touch screen laptop

When you’re looking to buy a new laptop, there are certain things you should consider, apart from looking at its specifications and checking the memory and hardware. You need to look at that if you want a laptop for gaming or a laptop 4 saving big-size data files. If you are looking for the touch screen feature, you need to choose a laptop like Chromebook or Windows PC as apple does not produce a touch screen Macbook. However, some of the laptops are 2 in one, which means they can be converted into a tablet or used as a single laptop. However, just like any laptop having a touch screen has its advantage and disadvantage. So here are some of the features you must look at when purchasing a touchscreen laptop.

1.    Resistive

Laptops which are having a resistivity touch screen are made with a bilayer. To work, the users have to use their fingers. If we look at the layers, it consists of electric current, and both have space in between. One of the layers is resistive, and the other one is conductive. Once you start touching the screen, the conductive layer feels a hard pressure. So it causes the conductive layer to come in contact with the resistant one, which causes electric current change. Exchange in the electric field causes the touch screen to perform its task: closing, opening or swiping.

2.    Capacitive

The capacitive touch screen is composed of only one layer. The layered work as a coordinate. So this works by getting in contact with your hands, so once you touch it gets electrical, and then you can use it easily. When a person touches the screen, there is a shift in the flow of electrical energy.

It can accommodate multiple fingers so you can easily zoom in on the screen.

Reasons why Apple MacBook doesn’t have a touchscreen?

One of the common questions that arise in mind that does apple have a touchscreen laptop. There are multiple reasons why apple has never used face ID or touch screen in its Mac book. Some of the reasons are given below:

·       Drain off the battery quickly

Laptops which consist of a touchscreen feature use other processing tasks. It happens because of the presence of touch panels. People using these features might need to understand that the touch panel consumes battery more frequently than the other computers that do not contain the touchscreen feature. One thing you need to keep in practice is that when using this feature, the laptop is in standby mode.

·       More Expensive

One more thing to see here is that if you compare the price of the non-touchscreen laptops, there is a huge price difference between both. It is because the laptops utilising the touchscreen feature contain an additional feature you will not find in the other laptops.

·        Adds extra load

Again, adding more technology makes the computer bulkier and takes up more space, leaving the MacBook touchscreen heavier. Even though the variation in weight is measured in grams, laptops may still feel it.

Summing Up

Some people need clarification that many big brands, such as the Chromebook from ACER and manufacturers of Windows PC, have adopted the face ID and touch screen feature in their laptops. However, Apple is one of the biggest brands in inventing technological products still it has yet to adopt the feature of a touch screen. The touchscreen could be more convenient to use, especially for work purposes. Therefore Apple has never made the touchscreen MacBook.

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