You won’t be getting SONY Playstation VR2 before 2023

A few months back, Sony announced that it would release its new Sony PlayStation VR2 this year. But due to delay in productivity we might have to wait a long. So this time, Sony has claimed that the new PlayStation VR 2 will come next year, in 2023. It has been stated that in March or April, Sony will launch its two virtual reality headsets. However, Sony keeps updating its social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram about the release of its new products.

So, if you want any updates regarding the release of PS VR2, you can check their social media pages. For a very long time, Sony has announced the details of the new virtual reality system. So we have collected all the trickling information about Sony, which will be released next month. So this article will discuss the Sony PlayStation VR 2 and the PS VR2 release date.

What will be there in Sony Playstation VR2?

Sony has released all the details regarding the new headset design, which will come next year. However, there needs to be more information about the price of the PlayStation VR 2. It has been stated that it will display 4K resolution, which can run at 120 Hertz. If we talk about the field of view, it will be around 110 degrees. Apart from this, it will also be utilizing the foveate rendering.

This function renders some parts of the image and makes them sharper than the rest so that the computer can recognize them easily. Apart from this, the company has also stated that the headset will connect to the console with the help of a USB-C cable. That means it is not wireless. The advantage of using the keyboard or wired technology is that they give a better experience, and there are few glitches in the sound.

We will also be saying 20 games lined up under the category of major games. Some games included in the headset are Horizon and Walking Dead, Resident Evil, and No man sky. Apart from this, there will be other games also, so you have to wait and see what’s coming next.

When will it be released?

So a few days back, Sony stated that the next year, it would release its next PlayStation that is VR2. PS VR2 release date is 22 February 2023. The pre-order will start from the 15th of November, so it’s better to book it beforehand before there are chances that it will be out of stock soon. Its huge popularity is special in the UK, France, the US, Belgium, and Germany.

The countries we have mentioned will only be eligible for pre-booking of Sony PlayStation VR 2. For preorders, you might have to register on the Sony online store. The other countries might have to wait a long till February. After that, they can book the PlayStation VR 2.

What will be the cost of PS VR2?

Although the new PlayStation will be filled with amazing games and features, it will be expensive. PlayStation VRSuppose price is around $549. If we compare the PS VR Vs. PS VR2 in terms of cost, VR 2 will be more expensive because of the additional features it’ll be carrying.

Features of PS VR2

Sony has recently teased the model and spilled all the information and features regarding the new PlayStation VR 2. So this time, the headset comes with a sensing controller which jaw-dropping hardware. Let’s discuss each of its features one by one.


One of the major changes is in the design. Last time there was no detailing in the design of PlayStation VR. So this year, Sony has brought up some major changes to the PS VR 2.

Hideaki Nishoni, the vice president of Sony, said that the previous version of PS 5 inspired the design. Although this time, it will have more rounded curves and edges, giving a clear 360-degree view. So that we players can move easily within the VR region.

If we talk about the touch control, they are the same as the previous one. So the people who have already played with the previous version might find it familiar. Also, the position of this Jack is the same, and the headband and adjustable scope are in the same location as the previous one.

Some elements which will be new in this system include the adjustable lenses, which will help adjust the distance of the lens for the comfort of the player’s eyes. There is no information about the exact weight and size; however, it has been stated that it will be lighter and slimmer than the previous one. You will also find a new vent in the Scope front, so players remain cool and the sweat will be reduced.

Sense controller

Next up is the sensing controller. The help of finger touch detection can back it up. It will allow the player to make natural gestures. This time Sony has used big-size lights for tracking. And below the controller, you can also find small tracking rings. But this time, the finger touch won’t be the same as the previous one; it will have a touch sensor.

So that it would be easy for the controller to detect how far your fingers are from the sensors. It will give an idea to the controller of what will be your hand shape. Apart from this, there might also be other changes in the new controllers that still need to be revealed.


Next up is the connectivity. However, we were expecting that it would be a wireless headset this time. Sony has stated that it will be a wired system with a USB-C cable, so you can utilize it easily. Also, you will find a single port USB-C in the headset to charge it easily. The USB C port is present on the front side of the console.

Headset tracking

One new feature of the Sony PS VR 2 is that it will have a built-in tracking system. The purpose of this system will track the movement and the location so that it won’t require any external cameras.

Summing Up

Next year, Sony is set to release the PlayStation VR 2, filled with multiple features and hundreds of games. The major changes are in the sense of controller, display, and design. But for this, you might have to wait till next year. PlayStation VR 2 price is around $549. But until the 15th of November, you can register for the pre-order of Sony PlayStation VR 2. So what are you waiting for? Go and get yourself registered.

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