Advantages and Disadvantages of Laptop Vs Smart Phone

In this modern world, everyone is living with the full of high tech devices and equipments like computers and smart phone devices. Whenever you are considering the past 15 years, everyone has only cell phones and personal computers (PCs) but now you can have laptop, smart phone and tablet devices. With these greatest technology improvements in the computer and mobile field, it is greatly beneficial to both personally and professionally.  Everything has its own advantages and disadvantages and all individuals should have to know them to choose a right device for their usage.

Laptops and their benefits:

Whenever you are considering the laptops, they are just like your personal computers and suitable for all types of mobile use because of its extreme portability. The people are using a laptop actually in the various places like office, home, colleges, schools, hospitals, universities and etc. In the desktop computers, the keyboard, speakers, mouse pad, display and everything is separated but in the laptop you can have all together. With all these features with the best portability, it is better computer device for all your uses.

  • Advantages
  • Ready to connect at any time
  • Easy to repair
  • Must needed a computer device in the specific place
  • Disadvantages
  • Poor battery life
  • Hard to carry everywhere
  • Little expensive

If you are comparing it with the latest smart phone or tablet, it is little hard to carry everywhere because you need to bag to carefully take it to anywhere you want. Within a few hours, the battery of the laptop is drained and you have to charge it again and again for the convenient usage. As compared to smart phone, laptop is little expensive at all the times.

Smart phones for everyone:

Today, you can’t imagine a single day without a smart phone. With the regular use of smart phone devices from Android or Apple iOS for both the personal and professional purposes, now it is very hard to live without a smart phone. The smart phone users can able to download and install various apps on your smart phone for the different features. Such apps make everything easier and simpler to them thus they would often like to make use of the smart phone device at all the times.

  • Advantages
  • Very easy to carry as compared to the laptops.
  • Apps which make you even smart for the different purposes.
  • The entire world is in your pocket when you have a smart phone in hand. With the improved technology, smart phone has become the best and highly necessary product which is definitely essential one to get anything you need.
  • Disadvantages
  • Little expensive – Whenever you are going to the high configured smart phone, it is also expensive like the laptops or sometimes expensive than laptops.
  • Poor battery life – With the regular usage, the battery of your smart phone will be reduced and you have to charge it again.
  • The small display – For some purposes, the small display of smart phone will not be suitable at all.

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