Tips When Buying a Smartphone

Buying brand new smartphone is considered as tricky task when you are not having sufficient knowledge about the tech features, availability of brands, price and their handsets. In a present world plenty of smartphone are available in online so you must follow some effective tips to pick best smartphone such as

  • Platform
  • Brand
  • Design and hardware
  • Budget which is suitable to your pocket
  • Usage time and battery life
  • Network connectivity and support to the latest carrier brands

Essential tips to buy best smartphone

When you are a newbie to buy smartphone, you must concern about mobile platform and there are three major mobile platforms are available across the world such as android, iOS and windows. Android is about Google vision towards the smartphone world and it has excellent integration of the Google service. Play store is one of the most important free apps which could be available to download. Apple developed iOS which is restricted and refined mobile platform. However it is having whole ecosystem of the services and apps but you must to pay price. It could be only available on iPad and iPhone. When compared to iOS and android, Microsoft is lagged in the apps department. Other mobile platforms like Firefox, blackberry OS is still miles away from three major mobile platforms. Choosing the best mobile brand is important one because it plays an important role in determining whether your handset might get services, upgrades and good trade in option or not. Bigger brand can provide better services. Smartphone is available in all price which starts from low budget to the high end flagship smartphone. Price might depend on features and specification of smartphone. If you are looking to show off design of smartphone at your hand then you might concern poly carbonate body or metal body. Basically poly carbonate is more resistant and durable against the dents when compared to the metal body. If you are struggling to choose smartphone then you must know about its features such as processor, screen, storage and memory. In case you are a mobile game lover then you must know about importance of GPU so that you can get excellent gaming experience. You are recommended to look for one GB or more than one GB random access memory. Battery life is most crucial factor when you are willing to select best smartphone.

Wonderful guide to choose smartphone

Battery life is not about bigger battery or more mAh and it’s all about stand by time and more usage. Now a day majority of the people get disappointed with pathetic battery life on their mobile phone. You must make sure that handset is having advanced connectivity features such as bluetooth 4.0, 3g, 4g and wifi dual band. NFC can support instant pairing and wireless charging in all handsets. In case you are looking to control television with the handset then you can choose the mobile phone which has IR blaster features. Try to choose latest smartphone which is having useful and fantastic features.

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