List of Most Used Mobile Applications

Today, each and every person starts using a smart phone device or tablet from Android or iOS in order to enjoy the features and benefits of the different mobile apps. When it comes to the smart mobile apps, Google and Facebook dominate everything. At the same time, there are thousands of smart phone applications available for the different purposes. According to the recent report in the last year 2017, the following are the most used mobile apps by several numbers of smart phone users around the world.

Widely used mobile applications:

  • Facebook – Everyone knows that facebook is one of the leading and widely used social media platform used by billions of users around the world. In the previous days, the facebook website can only be accessed from the computers. But now everyone has facebook in their smart phone to share anything with their friends and contact anyone within a fraction of seconds. Thus, it is on the top position of this most used apps list. Nearly 81 % of the smart phone users have facebook app on their mobile.
  • Youtube – It is the best and widely used video sharing social media where there are billions of users would like to see any videos or share their videos with others. Many smart phone users have youtube app on their mobile phone to see any video for their entertainment. Over 71 % of the Android and iOS smart device users are using youtube app.
  • Facebook Messenger – In order to send and receive the messages to the friends through the facebook account, many individuals are using this separate facebook messenger app on their device. It will give you the direct access of messaging system of facebook to the account holders to chat with anyone and anytime in an easier manner. This is why this mobile app is too popular and used by 68 % of smart phone users.

Some other popular mobile apps:

  • Google Search – Today, everyone is using Google search to know about anything, finding route, to buy any product or get any service or any other purposes. Everything is on the Google for them thus this app is very famous among the several numbers of people and 61 % of the app users are using it.
  • Google Maps – When the people are going anywhere and they don’t know a route, they will immediately take Google Maps app on their mobile phone and find an exact route with the help of the satellite connected with this application. For the regular travelers and also the normal people in travelling, this app is very useful to find a right path. This is why it is most widely used by 57 % of the app users.
  • Instagram – Next to the Facebook, Instagram is the most popular social media platform used by billions of people around the world. Thus, it also got the top position of the most used smart phone apps with the 50 % of the world class app users.

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