PC Benchmarks

I told you before that the Asus K53SV has the nVidia Optimus technology built in, but I didn’t mention that besides automatically you can manually select which graphic card you want to use for a specific application. You can do that by right clicking on the icon of the desired application and selecting your graphic processor.



So to make this review more interesting I decided to give you a benchmark comparison between both graphic cards.

Ok lets begin with the best benchmarking software of them all, the PCMark Vantage:

Asus K53SV PCMark Vantage Benchmark nVidia

PCMark Vantage nVidia Score: 6101

Asus K53SV PCMark Vantage Benchmark Intel

PCMark Vantage Intel Score: 5914

As you can  see the only significant differences are in the sections which uses the graphics. The Memory and Gaming scores are higher with the nVidia Geforce GT 540M, but remarkably the TV and Movies score is higher with Intel.

Now we’re gonna see the results from SiSoft Sandra 2011:

Asus K53SV Sandra Benchmark Intel

Sandra Benchmark nVidia Score: 558

Asus K53SV Sandra Benchmark nVidia

Sandra Benchmark Intel Score: 528





Lets look the CPU and Memory result with AIDA64:

K53SV AIDA64 nVidia

Aida64 nVidia

Asus K53SV AIDA64 Intel

AIDA64 Intel

Next we see a benchmark with the Passmark PerformanceTest 7.0 software:

Asus K53SV Passmark Benchmark nVidia

Passmark nVidia Score

Asus K53SV Passmark Benchmark Intel

Passmark Intel Score

I used a freeware benchmark software, pretty light but still decent, Novabench:

Asus K53SV NovaBench Benchmark nVidia

NovaBench Benchmark nVidia

Asus K53SV NovaBench Benchmark Intel

NovaBench Intel Results

And one more test with another all over benchmark software Geekbench:

Asus K53SV GeekBench Intel

GeekBench Intel Results: 5124

Asus K53SV GeekBench nVidia

GeekBench nVidia Results: 5149









And finally here is the result from Winows 7 Experience Index and a Read Hard Disk Test with HDTune:

Asus K53SV Windows 7 Experience Index

Windows 7 Experience Index

Asus K53SV HD Tune Benchmark

HD Tune Benchmark

Please note that all of these benchmark results are overall scores of all segments of this notebook hence the little difference between the onboard Intel HD 3000 and nVidia GT 540M. On the next page you can see the Graphic card benchmarks.