The Asus K53SV has a lot of ports, not anything spectacular, but enough to meet the criteria and needs of a today’s regular notebook user. Starting from the front it has only a 4 in 1 card reader placed on it’s far left side, the middle has six led indicators for battery, hard disk usage, Wi-Fi usage, caps lock and num-lock.

Asus K53SV Front


The right side is has the standard headphones/line out jack, microphone jack, two USB 2.0 (although they could have place at least one USB 3.0 considering it is a new model) and the DVD-RW Multi Recorder.

Asus K53SV Right

The rear end is all occupied by the 6-cell battery. But I took a picture without the battery, sorry about that :) .

Asus K53SV Rear

And finally the left side has a big heat desspenser, which is Asus’s great advantage. It can get hot after a while, but at the expense of that the whole notebook stays cool and which also increases the notebook’s lifetime. I consider Asus to be one of the greatest at this field. They know their stuff about cooling. Next to the heat pipes exit is the generic power jack, which is of course a good thing, because if you accidentally lose your power adapter, or you damage it beyond repair, you can easily find a generic and cheaper adapter. Next comes the RJ45 connector for LAN which supports 1Gbit transfer. Then a standard VGA output, a HDMI output and another USB 2.0. The placement of all these things is good, but they could have maybe move the two usb’s on the right side a little further to be easier to plug a mouse.

Asus K53SV Left