Acer Aspire One MSI Wind U100 Asus Eee PC Touchpads

Acer Aspire One MSI Wind U100 Asus Eee PC Touchpads

The touchpad is small on all three of them, the smallest being the one on the Asus which, considering the size, is understandable. The MSI has the best layout and feel on the touchpad. I find the Acer’s touchpad a little harder to work with, my finger gets stuck and the placement of the two buttons being vertically aligned on the both sides is not really handy. The buttons on the Asus are placed under one plate, but I noticed that it is made somewhat loosely. The dimensions of the touchpad areas are: MSI – 3″x1.5″, Acer – 3″x1.1″, Asus – 1.8″x1.2″ .

Touchpad is something I use in the very last stage of emergency, like when there are no mouse’s in a 5km radius, but according to Murphy’s Law times like these seems to occur much often than predicted, so I think it is still important to have a handy, easy to slide on touchpad, and correct layout of the two buttons. That’s why MSI takes the point on this one.

1st: MSI Wind U100

2nd: Acer Aspire One

3rd: Asus Eee PC