The New and Improved EmotIcons

Some of you may have noticed some technical muck ups today, and for that I appologise. These technical muck ups were due to my intergrating our new EmotIcons system on the site. we now support a wider range of what people often call smilies including some brand new, bonus/hidden smilies. Below is a full list of the supported smilies with their call signs. These call signs are split up using spaces and the smilie will only show when you use the call sign without the spaces.

}:) -> } : )
:D -> : D
:) -> : )
:o -> : o
:P -> : P
:( -> : (
:3 -> : 3
;) -> ; )

:note: There are ofcourse other ways to call these smilies for those of you who use slightly different calls e.g. :p can also be called using : p, and >:) can also be called with > : )

The full list of bonus emoticons
->, <-, :bell:, :bomb:, :cake:, :clock:, :coins:, :comment:, :x:, :cupa:, :email:, :!:, (!), O+, <3, (?), :hrGlass:, :house:, (i), :iPod:, :key:, :idea:, :lock:, O>, :bronze:, :gold:, :silver:, :music:, :news:, :note:, :mob:, :gem:, <>, :star:, :tel:, :tick:, -*

Enjoy these nice new EmotIcons. Im off for a :cupa:

1 thought on “The New and Improved EmotIcons”

  1. (!)UPDATE:

    You can now use all these new EmotIcons in your comments! Even the secret ones! But for now we will be keeping the call signs under :lock:Lock and :key:Key

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