Sonos is going crazy with a 3600 beaming new soundbox

Among the biggest audio system companies, Sonos is known for creating multi-room home audio systems that deliver the best quality sound. It was first established in the year 2000. At that time, it worked on creating software. After that, it Worked on the hardware system by integrating the WiFi networks. There was the biggest decision made by the company, which led to its success. The company is the first amplifier and is still considered the best.

Moreover, after that, it started working on creating audio systems like speakers, which were incredible. The work of Sonos in manufacturing its audio product is the real beauty. The speakers from Sonos had been made to deliver the best sound. So that people can listen and be mesmerised by the beauty of the speakers’ music. But this year, Sonos has designed one of the craziest speakers, optimo 2. So today, we will look into every single detail of the new audio system by Sonos.

Do you want to listen to the best music? Try Sonos

The reason for choosing Sonos is that it can group multiple Sonos speakers, giving you the best sound experience. All the speakers can be connected easily with just a single WiFi network. It will allow playing all the speakers together in sync.

But it doesn’t mean you have to play or listen to only one tune. You can switch or play different music in different speakers.

Moreover, one interesting feature is that you can control your Sonos speaker with a single app on your smartphone. You need to download the soon as app from the official website. That’s it. You can easily control your music system by using the Sonos app.

With the development in technology, Sonos has also been working on creating new speakers, which Will be completely different from the existing models. Although it’s not being revealed what features we will be seeing in the new speakers by Sonos, it’s around the corner and will be released soon. So let’s see what we can see in the new speakers by Sonos.

What would new speakers from Sonos be called?

Well, Sonos will bring a new speaker soon. And there have been some claims that it will be called Optimo 2. However, it might be the internal name. Some sources also said that Company would market the speakers by another name. This is because when the Sonos ray was introduced in the market, it was renamed to Fury as the name was already leaked before the product’s release.

If we go by the rumours, then Optimo 2 might be different from the original name of the new speakers. So let’s wait some time to see What the company will name the new speakers. Apart from this name, there are other big changes to the news on speakers. Apart from this, the new speakers will have similar features just like the optimal ones and SL speakers.

What will be released in the market?

Well, this year, we will not be able to see the new Sonos speakers. But sometime later, probably in the first half of 2023, we will witness the new speakers from Sonos. Apart from this, the company will be releasing two different products in 2020, one of which is the Sonos speaker, and the other might be the relaunch of one of the products.

If we think of the previous one is the ray soundbar by Sonos, which was released in the month of May 2022. Sonos will launch new colours for the Voice control by Sonos and Sonos room. So after that, we could expect the release of new speakers of Sonos. As per the reports, in May 2023 or before that, Sonos will release the all-around news speakers. But it’s not clear that this will be the month or the day we are only comparing the release of previous products and estimating that it will be released on this date.

The product will be marketed as the best sound speaker by Sonos because it will be low in price compared to the other speakers. The price of the speakers will be around €500. Whereas in America, it will be available for $500. The reason for the difference in the price is that the Sonos originally originated in London, that’s why its prices are high in other states or countries

The Ultimate design of Sonos speakers

There are certain things Which will be new in the Sonos optimo. The first thing will be a dual-angle shell. This dual angle was also there in the Sonos 5, but this time, some additional sections will be attached to the Sonos Optima 2. The company was already declaring the image of the model of the speakers, and we could also use a Sonos tag. However, there needs to be more information about the controls. Still, we could see touch control so people can optimise speakers easily. Apart from this, ports will be there in the speaker.

The options and the buttons will be available in black and white colour, which is the same for all the products by Sonos. The shell will be made of polycarbonate, which will strengthen the speakers. If we talk about the size of this because then it will be the same as that of the Sonos 5. That is, the new speakers by Sonos will be larger in size. We may be seeing a 3D design of the speakers soon.

Sonos Optimo 2 hardware

Many big changes will be there in the internal and exterior parts of the speakers. If we talk about the ram and the internal storage of this bigger, it will be the same as that of Sonos 5. The flash memory will be eight times More than the previous version. Apart from this, many updates will be there so you won’t get bored with the speakers easily. There will be a USB C port with a 3.5 MM adapter. Apart from this, we could also see a microphone which will be built into the system.

Summing Up

We have seen what all changes will be there in the hardware apart from the speakers. Now is the time to see what features will be provided by the Sonos Optimo 2 speakers. The features will include adjusting the EQ settings, the apple airplay system, and proper play tuning. Apart from this, you will also get to listen to 100 music services.

Another interesting feature is that all the Sonos speakers can be grouped to play music in sync. Or if you want you can play music separately. Apart from this, you can optimise the speakers by voice controller devices such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

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