Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 is Using More Memory than Windows XP

The last version of the Microsoft’s browser Internet Explorer 8 beta 2 is consuming serious amounts of the operating memory. The browser is using 2 times the memory that’s is used by its competitor Mozilla Firefox, and round 50% of its former version Internet Explorer 7. The benchmarks including IE 8 beta 2, IE 7 and Firefox 3.01 show that when loading 10 sites simultaneously on Vista machine with 2 GB RAM memory, IE 8 is using 380 MB of the operating memory. IE 7 is taking up to 260 MB and Mozilla’s Firefox is using 159 MB.
Just for comparison Microsoft’s Windows XP on the startup is using 130-150 MB.

4 thoughts on “Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 is Using More Memory than Windows XP”

  1. I tried it ..its weird situation i never had with my desktop very high usage of memory & personally i think IE8 is being rushed , it’s only been a year since IE7 came out.they should take more time to work on those borrowed features!

  2. I never liked IE. It reminds me of the times when there was no internet. I think it needs complete options redesign instead stick with those traditional IE options, with the lame medium-high security levels etc etc. Even now? Still in IE 8? It just sux. Big disapointment imo.

  3. I never used IE because the speed on browsing is so slow. Why IE have more version. IE should need to improve with speed browsing other than another browser. Since I used firefox, IE never had an improvement. Why IE only improve on style, graphic, even color. Now this new browser use more memory.

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