Ways to move all your Twitter followers to substack

Twitter is among the most widely used social media platforms changing drastically. Elon musk has now taken over Twitter so that the platform might be modified.

It’s hard to Identify what will be the next thing. So if you have many followers on Twitter and want to share direct links, it will help you control the application via email. Then it’s your chance to do it with Substack.

Substack is the best alternative to Twitter. So if you are losing your followers on Twitter, then it’s the best time to move all your followers to Substack by creating a page that will help you transfer them. Twitter has some restrictions, like there is no policy for free speech, whereas the substance allows you to speak about anything freely. It is good for writers, the journalist who tweets it quite frequently. So, to understand Substack first, we need to learn how to move Twitter followers from Twitter to Substack.

What exactly is Substack?

Substack is most commonly known as the email newsletter app. It allows the convenient upload of data and a simple interface that allows you to easily post your ideas and views on the Internet. It is good for writers who want to speak about any topic freely. Another interesting thing about this app is that you can connect it with your Twitter account to move your followers from Twitter to Substack.

It Is good for journalists and writers because you don’t have to rely on ad sales and editors to deliver your message to your followers. Apart from this, people who think a lot can easily share their views with people directly without facing any restrictions. Those new at writing and blogging might find this tool quite suitable for them as they can make a portfolio that can be presented to their audience. There is no restriction on any topic. You can speak freely on any topic of your choice. Those losing their followers might find it a great way to build followers.

In simple words, we can say that stack is a site which allows publishing. It has been estimated that billions of people around the globe use this application. More than 1 million people have paid for Substack magazine subscriptions each month.

How does it work?

The main purpose of using the substance is data publishing. With the help of substance, it’s easier to publish posts on the Internet or email just by following simple steps. However, it’s free of cost to post the publication part; some are paid. One more amazing feature of using Substack is a discussion thread that allows people to start conversations with their followers or subscribers using Twitter style. There are many exciting features of using subtract-one search features in podcasting.

For audio creators, it’s easier to publish their podcasts on Substack to grow their followers. But as time has moved and technology is advanced, Substack has also brought something for video creators. In early 2022 Substack started beta video testing so that the video creators could publish their videos easily. Apart from this, the Substack has the best interface, which is easier to use. Some people might have heard about it, but people enjoy this platform by doing different things they cannot do on Twitter.

How to move your followers from Twitter to Substack?

The signup process to substack is very similar to that of Twitter; there are only minor differences.

So here are the steps to link your substack with Twitter.

Step 1: Permit the Twitter account.

To migrate your follower’s first thing to do is give Substack access to the users’ Twitter accounts. It allows the Sub stack to check your followers count. The substack can then give information to your followers about the new post you add.

Step2: Create an account on Substack

To create an Account on Substack, the first thing you need to do is to sign up using your email account. After you create the account, the next thing to do is to share the information about your new account on the subject with your Twitter followers. Your followers on Twitter will receive an email that you have created a Sub stack account to which they can subscribe.

Step 3: Add information to your profile

After creating an account on a substack, the next thing to do is to add more information about yourself in the bio section so that people can know more about you. You can also add your Substrack id URL to your profile on Twitter. So if you post anything on Sub stack, your followers will get the notifications immediately.

Step 4: Make the publication’s

Now it’s time to publish your newsletter first; you need to choose a good name. After that, create an URL. Then make a tweet by linking the tweet that you have made. After that, give a brief description of your post so that your followers on Twitter can easily learn about your post.

Step 5: Give information about your account on Substack

Now that you have successfully created your profile on substack, you can easily share your post and newsletter by sharing the tweets with your followers. Apart from this, sharing the URL with your followers makes it easy to read your newsletter or post.

Is it free to use Substack?

Although for those who are publishers, it’s free to use Substack. You can create your account for free on Substack. Apart from this, you can post any newsletter or audio without paying a single penny.

Although most of the post on the substack is free, if you want to read them, if the creator wants to make charges for their post, they can do it. So we can say it’s not completely free, but some content needs a premium subscription.

Summing Up

In short, weekends say that substrate is the best alternative for Twitter. It is great for publishers and video creators as there is no limitation or restriction to whatever content they want to share with their followers on Twitter. The only thing to do is to create an account on Substack, which is free and then share the link of your newsletter or the substack account to Twitter.

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