Are Phone Sanitizers the new buzz of the town?

One interesting fact that most people don’t know is that just like our hands, which contain millions of bacteria and microorganisms, our phone also carries some microorganisms. Your naked eye cannot see the germs and dirt on the smartphone. According to a recent study, this smartphone contains ten times more dirt than that could be found on a toilet seat. So it’s important to clean smartphones regularly.

If you do not do it, then there are chances that more germs will be harboured on your phone. If we count the number of microbes or germs on the smartphone, it will be around 10,000,000. So to clean smartphones properly, UV sanitisers are available in the market. UV sanitiser is a disinfectant that properly cleans the smartphone’s surface. However, most people are not familiar with this term. So in this article, we will discuss the different types of UV sanitisers available and how they work to clean the smartphone’s surface.

What exactly is UV sanitiser?

UV-based sanitisers are available in the market and utilise UV rays to kill the microbes and pathogens on the smartphone’s surface. Films are very long time you will best sanitisers are used. The purpose of using these is not only to kill pathogens, but they are also consumer friendly. So even if you apply it with your hand, you won’t get any allergy or infection. The reason for the huge popularity of UV phone sanitiser comes after the pandemic started. So people become more and more protective and aware of microbes and pathogens.

If we look at the structure of the UV sanitiser, then they are like small metal or plastic boxes which contain different types of lamps and UV bulbs. So during the process of disinfection, the UV bulb on the device transmits the radiation over the surface to kill the pathogen. It also protects against fumes, residues and moisture. It is much easier and more convenient to use as you have to put your phone in the sanitiser box and close the chamber. It takes 5 to 6 minutes to disinfect the smartphone from any microbes or germs completely.

One thing to note here is never to use any liquid or water to clean the smartphone as it will only remove the dust, but the microbes won’t get eliminated. You can disinfect credit cards, smart watches, and other things in UV sanitiser if they fit inside properly.

How does the UV sanitiser work?

UV-based sanitisers are very similar to the UV rays from the sun. Most microbes cannot grow above a certain wavelength of radiation. So to disinfect smartphones, UV sanitisers are available in the market. Various types of ultra-violent lights are used in the sanitiser, which includes:

In terms of wavelength, UV ray A has the longest one. If you wish to have it, you can find it in bug zappers and tanning bags compared to the UV-B, which has the smallest wavelength. The UV-B is responsible for producing vitamin d inside our body, which is good for our phones and health. Last but not least, UV-C is the most important one as it can restrict the growth of microbes or can kill the microorganism.

How do you utilise UV sanitiser?

It’s easy to use a UV-based phone sanitiser. For this, you must keep your mobile inside the metal box of the UV sanitiser. After that, leave it for 5 to 6 minutes, and then the UV rays inside the UV bulb will start killing the microorganisms from the surface of your device. They does-not cause any harm to the hardware of the mobile phone. So It’s safe to use them to kill the microbe and disinfect your phone from germs.

Never use a wet cloth to clean the surface, as they can cause scratches on display. The only way to get rid of microorganisms is by using UV phone sanitiser. At the same time, using the UV sanitiser with a lid, remember to clean the outside of the sanitiser and smartphone case with the help of a disinfectant that the EPA approves.

When the device’s sanitisation phase is finished, put this on a different surface that has been cleaned, let the disinfectant complete a second run (several units do this automatically), then put the case inside the sanitiser & perform another sanitisation session again.

Best UV sanitiser in 2022 that you should try

We have seen how UV sanitiser works on mobile phones to make them dust-free and kill germs. So here are the best 3 UV phone sanitisers that you should try.

1.    Mophie UV Sanitizer with Wireless Charging

It is among the best UV sanitiser available online, which is compact and clean. It can be utilised for a large number of mobile phones. The new Mophie UV sanitiser comes with a wireless charger. It is a small-size sanitiser which is compatible with multiple mobile phones. Regardless of the size, it consists of many different features. When you put your phone inside the UV sanitiser for cleaning, a noise alert generates, which indicates that the sanitisation process is started. One sanitisation cycle completes in 5 minutes. So after that, you can remove your phone from it. Apart from this, you can also disinfect your earphones or earbuds.

Advantages and disadvantages

                             PROS                                  CONS  
Sizes good and is compatible with many devices  Sometimes there might be some problem with the charging.
The phone is secured inside the UV sanitiser   Does not have enough space  
Not bulky  Bit costly  

2.    Casetify UV sanitiser

Compared to the other UV sanitiser available in the market, Casetify is much more spacious and works faster than the other sanitisers. Most UV sanitisers take more than 10 minutes to clean smartphones properly. But when you use Casetify sanitiser to clean your smartphone, it takes only 3 minutes to clean it fully. This is good for those working and always in a hurry. One thing to remember is always to disinfect your smartphone twice a day.

Advantages and disadvantages

                             PROS                                  CONS  
Faster sanitisation and Spacious  Can clean even earphones
Can clean even earphones  There is no built-in charger.  

3.    Invisible Shield UV sanitiser

It has a basic design still it is more effective than the others. It is a budget-friendly UV sanitiser with a stylish design and a large case. One thing that is not good about this sanitiser is that It is not wireless. But the USB-C cable given with it does a great job.

Advantages and disadvantages

                             PROS                                  CONS  
Easy to use  Basic design  
Large cases can accommodate large objects.   

Summing Up

There are millions of germs present on the surface of smartphones. It’s important to clean the dirt and microbes from the phone’s surface using UV phone sanitisers. There are different types of sanitiser available online from which you can choose.

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