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Should You Charge Your Smartphone Overnight?

Back in the days, when the smartphone market slowly emerged and they became increasingly popular, probably one of the first questions a user asked when purchasing a smartphone was: How long does the battery last?

And with that, even today, with the tremendous advance in technology, pixel-dense, high-refresh AMOLED screens, mobile games with almost PC-like graphics, and powerhouse chipsets like the Snapdragon 888, the demand for a type of device that can hold a decent battery life has increased, as well as the daily hours of use.

What Leading Manufacturers Say

So, as you may know, there are a lot of myths and fewer truths about your smartphone battery. Ever since device manufacturers themselves started pointing out (the common sense) to users that exposing their smartphones to extreme temperatures for a long period of time or not having good charging habits can dramatically reduce the lifespan of their smartphone’s battery life, people started fretting about.

And with that being said by phone manufacturers, it’s probably the truth, because, honestly, this is an inevitable cycle in the lifespan of a smartphone battery. Lithium batteries tend to lose their capacity as they age and as a result to that your device will last less and less in comparison to the first time you charged it after you bought it or the first 8-12 months.

So, back in the days, industry behemoths like Apple, Samsung and Huawei informed their users that a prolonged charge can affect your battery’s health.

Even Huawei points out that it is advisable to have the cell phone most of the time on an average battery that is between 30% and 70%, because every time it is taken to 100%, the phone will require more time and charge to achieve a complete state.

To have a better charging habit you can make use of the built-in aids that the device has, with the guides or battery analysis that the manufacturer’s applications have. You can also download certain kinds of apps that tell you when to connect and when to finish charging, to extend the life.

How to Improve Battery Life on Your Smartphone?

There are some really useful tips and recommendations by phone manufacturers that can help users These are the recommendations that some smartphone manufacturers make so that you can use your smartphone for longer:

A few tips that might help you retain battery life for longer on your phone:

  • Do not use live wallpapers
  • Use dark mode if your phone supports
  • Change screen inactivity time
  • Lower the brightness on your phone
  • Avoid using mobile data for downloads
  • Always disconnect stuff like Bluetooth, GPS, or WiFi when not needed
  • Use power save power save / battery saver mode
  • Use the original brick charger that came with your phone

If the battery is overcharged it can fail, this is true and you do not have to leave the cell phone charging for hours and hours, this can generate an excess of energy that can cause the battery systems to fail. Medium and high-end cell phones report when they have a full charge, it is advisable to disconnect them at that time.

Final Words

A lot of people believe in some very misguiding info when it comes to battery life. But the truth is just having common sense and good usage patterns. We hope some of the tips we shared will help you improve battery life on one hand and on the other help you stop worrying about your smartphone’s battery because in the end they do have a limited life cycle and deteriorate over time.

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