Missing Language bar

Missing Language Bar

I had a one to one combat with the language bar recently as the language bar just won’t minimize. If you go through the “regional and language options” and tick the show language bar, the language bar shows up as a flying icon which you can move through the screen. But if you want to minimize it and make it appear on the right of your taskbar (where it actually belongs) the language disappears completely, but if you check and see at the “regional and language options” you will notice that the “show language bar” is ticked.

Missing Language bar
Missing Language bar

I myself, like 99% of the windows users, find that the most comfortable and practical place for the language bar to show up is the right of the taskbar. That’s why I searched a lot around the internet, I tried and tried to edit the registry, and in the end I found a simple registry file that does the trick, it fixes the bug completely! Here it is:

Download Missing Language Bar Fixer

It is a simple registry file which you just have to double click and then select yes and that’s it. Your language bar will get back right at the task bar and you won’t have to guess which language are you typing at.

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