AMD Athlon X2 240 Packaging Comparison

Manufacturers sometimes change their packaging depending on the market they deliver to as well as the price they want to set. So customers asked me why these particular processors come in different packages, so I decided to make a small comparison.

Here are the unboxing videos of both of them

Well basically the main thing you buy is exactly the same. No differences. Same GHz same performance so there is nothing to worry about. The manuals/warranty that comes with it are a bit small in the smaller packaging, and the sticker is also the same with the only difference being that in the small package the sticker is out of the plastic box. But there seems to be a more significant difference at the fan comparison. As you may guessed, the bigger package has a little bigger radiator. Well because the AMD Athlon X2 240 works at 2.8GHz the fan doesn’t seem to make any significant difference in the temperature, but still if it costs even a dollar or two more I think it’s better to get the bigger one. Here are the pictures of both.

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