Load Time Measurement by Google Analytics

Google Analytics presents a new feature,the Load Time Measurement.Combined with the Site speed to Google Analytics and the asynchronous tracking code, this new feature will allow users to understand how is the search ranking affected by the load times.In short,the Site speed is concerned to provide a faster web for the users and the businesses, which will bring a better ranking in Google search. The advantages of the site speed report are :
– Measures the speed of the landing pages(which one are slowest);
– The traffic sources(which campaigns correspond to faster page loads overall);
– The visitors (variations of time across geographies);
– The technology (is the load of the page faster of slower for different browsers and operating systems);
– Measures the speed for the most critical pages.
The tracking code on the other side, uses Analytic snippet (a small piece of Java Script which you can add into the page) which provides improved way of tracking web site visitors.This code was developed last year , to be the default new code, differing in terms of better search and pushing a faster load time. Therefore, the Load Time Measurement, supported by these new metrics, can provide us with the information of page success v.s load time. This new feature was added in such a fast pace, thanks to the new improved version of Google Analytics 5 released last month.

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