Asus Digiton

Asus Digiton – Play to Win a P8Z68

Asus introduces their new Dual Intelligent Processors Design 2 motherboards, the Asus P8Z68/P8Z67 series.  Promoting their new technologies such as:


  • DIGI+ VRM – A new technology which integrates the new Intel VRD12 eliminating the old analog designs
  • EFI BIOS – A new GUI BIOS with mouse support
  • BT GO! – Onboard Bluetooth wireless design
  • AI Suite II – All in one interface which allows overclocking, energy management, fan speed, voltage control and such
  • Hyper Speed – Complete USB 3.0 Inegration, Extra Sata 6GB/s Support and Dual Lan


Asus Digiton

If you want to win a motherboard of the new Asus P8Z68/P8Z67 series you should remember the importance of these technologies and use your logic(if there is any in the game) to solve the puzzle which Asus Digiton offers. Well it’s not as interesting as their last game, the Asus Motherboard Mayhem, but considering the prize it’s absolutely worth giving a spin. With a lot of trial and error I managed to pull it off at the end. The catch is to get an upgrade at your city with every technology you choose. I’ll give you a few free tips. You start with the UEFI BIOS, and try to get an upgrade with every technology you choose, if you don’t you better start all over again, because you will just waste your time. Enough said, now go play Asus Digiton and enter for a chance to win the new P8Z68 motherboard and surely, have fun!


Here’s how the end should look like:


EDIT: It seems that the ending I previously posted was an alternative ending, while the original which was intended ends like the video that I made below. Yeah, it’s much cooler! Watch your whole motherboard city flying up in the sky :)



19 thoughts on “Asus Digiton – Play to Win a P8Z68”

  1. The first 5 to comment will get a free hint – an ordered item!

    1. UEFI BIOS
    2. EPU
    3. Comment to get your third item :)

  2. @Lostmeis you are correct :) great logic

    @Giovanni The third one is actually SATA

    @Benson it does work, fourth one is USB :)

    1. günstige ratenkredite

      A bridge in the sky or the upside-down bridge are also possible titles. I find that whenever it rains, I have to stop and 'examine' every puddle to see what it sees!! This is very nice. Thanks for sharing! Cat

  3. The solution is: UEFI > EPU > eSATA > USB3.0 > Digi+VRM > BT GO! > AI Suite > TPU

    You’ll get the maximum score that way!

  4. Actualy, that’s not the only solution. That’s the green one, but there’s also the performance one, or whatever you wanna call them :)
    I’d like to see the other one.

    I spent a lot of time and was on the verge of finding this solution when I found this site.
    I suppose the other solution starts with:

  5. The solution works…can’t seem to figure out the other solutions though. I’d assume EPU shifts with DIGI+VRM in some way.

  6. Ahhh, just figured something out…I can make the city get rockets! :P
    UEFI > Digi+VRM > TPU > eSATA > USB3.0 > EPU > BT GO! > AI Suite

  7. I have edited my post and added the ending of the original ending and with a better tune :)

    By the way the solution to the second one, the cooler blue motherboard city begins with:

    UEFI -> DIGI+VRM > AI SUITE figure out the rest :)

  8. haha finaly.. thx for the cluez got flying mobo


    and last cluez from that videoz
    TPU or BT (flying)

    ill give other cluez,

    1. UEFI -> DIGI+VRM > AI SUITE>…>…>…>USB>BT
    2. UEFI -> DIGI+VRM > AI SUITE>…>…>…>EPU>BT

    seem there are another wayz to get 36k. the green one and really hard to get..

    1. Asus Customer Service

      ASUS has created digition with a whole new standard. All my fave is it. Lots of clues I have to solve many puzzles to earn a point.

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