How to service your speakers to get the best sound?

Just as you regularly clean your house and car, the speakers also need cleaning to ensure the quality of the speakers remains good. Also, they will produce accurate and crispy sounds. Everybody owns a smartphone or audio system, so maintaining them is important so they can work longer.

Maintaining the speaker cleans not only them but also preserves the function and quality of the speakers. Also, the maintenance process is cheaper and easier to do. If you don’t clean them properly, they might stop working. In this article, we’ll see how to properly maintain the speakers’ quality by cleaning all the parts of the speaker.

What will happen if you don’t clean the speakers?

People buy a smartphone or any other electronic device but do not maintain it. This lack of practice can lead to the device being damaged early. Speakers are important not just in your mobile phone but also as an audio system. So, what will happen to them if you don’t clean your audio device properly? If you don’t take care of them, they will disappoint you often, not just at notable musical performances.


Ways required to maintain the speakers

The speaker plays an important part in your music system. Speakers of good quality can enhance your audio system’s sound quality. To get the best quality, you have to maintain them.

As with the quality comes the price, so if you neglect and do not clean them properly, your speakers may break down easily. Many times, debris and dust can be found on the speakers not just outside but also can get inside the speaker. It cares to hinder the audio system, which in turn affects the working of speakers. If you clean your speakers regularly, they will remain in good condition and can last forever, giving you an amazing sound experience. So here are the steps associated with cleaning the components of the speaker.

1.    Cleaning of Exterior Cabinets of Speakers

The exterior cabinet has the largest number of dust present. So to clean them, use lint-free, soft and clean clothes as they won’t create any scratches on the speakers. For example, you can take micro fibre or cotton towels. If you are not having any of them, then you can also take cotton clothes like T-shirts that just got pieces old and are used to clean the exterior surface. Never use a paper towel to clean as they can leave small Particles and fibres on the surface of the speakers.

Apart from this, you can also use cleaning clothes to clean your audio system. These are easily available in the market. Apart from this, when wiping this office of the system, never use a wet cloth as the water can get inside through the holes or spaces in these speakers. But if there is any oil stain or anything grimier, you can use a wet and dry cloth. So to help you with the cleaning, we have mentioned some effective steps you can follow to clean the speaker cabinet.

  • First, take a cloth and moisten it using a liquid that is only meant for cleaning the devices. After that, apply it over the inconspicuous areas, for example, the rear region in the speaker’s cabinet. If you don’t find any adverse reaction, you can apply it to the other parts of the speakers.
  • There is a useful trick for cleaning. First, you need to clean only one side gently with the help of a wet cloth. Always clean the surface by moving towards one direction to maintain the cabinet’s overall appearance. If the speaker’s surface is laminated, then there is no point in using the wet cloth.
  • After completing one side of the speaker, you can wipe the remaining residues. One thing to note here is that if you are utilising a soap mixture, remember to use plain water after applying the soap mixture. After that, clean it or make it dry using a dry cloth.
  • When using liquid to clean the surface, remember to keep the water from staying longer, as moisture can go inside the speakers.
  • Remember Clean the bottom and the top part of the Speaker cabinet, as these are the dirtiest part. And do not apply the liquid to the area where you can see cracks.
  • After completing the cleaning process, you can apply varnish or oil, giving it a protective coating. But it’s not important; it depends on whether you want to use it.

2.    Clean the Speaker Grills 

The next thing that is important to clean is the grills of the speaker, which is over the drive region. Drive is like a conical shape part which is used to produce sound. The cones in these speakers are made up of delicate materials that can be easily damaged if not cleaned properly. The cons of the speaker are made with wood, metal, polymer or Kevlar, which are strong materials. Some of the grills are also made up of metal. So below are the steps which you can follow to clean the grills:

  • Start by cleaning the top corner. First, you need to lose the prongs which are present with the help of your fingertips. After removing the top, do the same thing with the bottom corner. If screws are used to secure the frame, remove all the screws from the speaker.
  • After that, place the grill on the surface and remove all of the dust with the help of a vacuum hose. It will ensure that the vacuum device does not stretch or pull back the fabric.
  • Use a wet cloth if the grime or dust on the material is quite tough. A microfibre or cotton cloth can be used to clean the grills. Mix mild detergent in warm water to scrub the surface and remove dirt. Once it is done, clean the surface again with plain water or cloth to make it dry.
  • If the speaker is made from a plastic grill or metal, you need to take soap to clean it. After that, use a soft cotton cloth to make the surface dry.

Now assemble the grills again by replacing the screws in the speaker.

3.    Clean the Terminals of the Speaker

The terminal is the region at the backside of the speakers. They are not that dirty but still contain some dust which is to be removed. So below are the steps which you can follow to clean the terminals:

  • First, you must unplug connected cables, including the speaker wire, TOSLINK and RCA. And remember to switch off the speaker power button.
  • To clean the terminal, always use a vacuum with a narrow hose attached to it, which can be used to clean seams and connections.
  • If there are very fine particles, use a Q tip to collect all the small particles on the surface.
  • Isopropyl alcohol can also be used as a cleaning liquid. However, you can also use rubbing alcohol. However, it has been said that it can leave residues.
  • Now you can use a dry cloth to dry terminals. After that, reconnect all the cables.

4.    Clean the Tweeter and woofers

Just like cleaning the woofer is important. The cleaning of Twitter is important in the same way. Woofers are sturdy and can be cleaned even with a rough cloth. At the same time, the tweeter is made up of fragile materials which can get damaged easily. So to clean the Tweeter, it is important to use air or a vacuum to wipe off the dust from the surface of the Tweeter. One thing to remember is that you never touch the surface of Tweeter. It can break easily.

You can use a blower or can to remove all the debris from the surface. However, it might not look as good, but it will prevent the speakers’ quality.

If you want to clean the woofers, it is important to know that they are made of materials such as kevlar, wood and certain polymers. Use a makeup brush or paintbrush if the woofer is made of delicate material. If the woofers are made up of materials such as polymers or wood, You need to clean them with the air blowers.

Summing Up

Speakers are really important. Not only do they deliver the best music, but it also lightens your mind by letting you listen to your favourite tracks. So it’s really important to maintain the quality of speakers. You can follow various methods to clean them and maintain their quality. Always remember to clean both the exterior and interior parts of the speakers. Before cleaning, check for the speaker’s material, then only clean the speaker’s.

Clean the woofers, Tweeters, terminal and exterior surface of the speakers carefully. Use only mild detergents and soaps to clean the surface of speakers. Apart from that, you can do the servicing by taking the help of professional cleaners. Maintaining the speaker cleans not only them but also preserves the function and quality of the speakers.

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