How To Create User Profiles In Chrome

By Igor | Tech Help

Sep 04

Separate users on one browser can be handy for web developers and advanced users. Plus Google Chrome and Firefox share a history aware address bar or “Awesome Bar” that can create awkward situations if there is a lack of it. Creating separate users in most of the browsers can be tricky (especially in ff 2.x versions). I dont know why is that, there is no good reason for it but things are as they are. So if you want to create your user in Chrome you need to manually create a folder in Chrome’s application data folder, and that’s about it. Create shortcut of your own Chrome and leave no tracks on others. If you need more help check out this.

For Windows Vista - C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome
For Windows XP - C:\Documents and Settings\\Local
Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome

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adda4u September 5, 2008

Very interesting I am little bit confused but with the help of above notes i hope i can do well …


jonathan September 6, 2008

I never tried creating users in browsers.
I will try it once through chrome. The only doubt I have with this issue is:
Why Chrome doesn’t have user-interface option to add the user names when they developed such a great and efficient browser.
Google mentioned that this “user name” option can be mostly advantageous if people are surfing adult websites.

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