You Can’t Make Money on Internet Just by Sitting Around

If you want to make some money on internet you need to start doing some stuff. This is not tutorial how to make cash, just a little dose of reality. You need to spend alot of hours sitting, reading, writing, SEOing etc :P. So you might find this insipiring.

7 thoughts on “You Can’t Make Money on Internet Just by Sitting Around”

  1. I totally agree that you cannot get rich quick or make any real money on the internet by doing nothing or buying an ebook that explains how you can make thousands of dollars a day by basically doing nothing. You must work and teach yourself new things to stay ahead and make any real money online.

  2. I think it not easy way to get to generate income without knowledge, reading, studying with senior or even try yourself. The way to get more profit is, you must must to know how to improve yourself in discipline. Other way, you must know how to write with skill in make customer impression with your site. This is only my an opinion.

  3. It’s not easy, for someone like me, making money online if you have no programming knowledge or designing talents. I’ve been earning money online by doing “manual labour” or more known as copy-pasting jobs. Boring job, really.

    It’s only recently that I’ve started writing articles for several sports websites and it’s been alright. Bottom line is, you’ve got to work really hard to earn money. I hope it all pays off for me :D

  4. This is a good articles indeed from BBC.
    For many years till 2008 I spent lot of time on my computer just for playing games, chatting in internet with friends and others. This was the great mistake that I did. I realized how much time I wasted unnecessarily. I found out that we can make money online when I first read Johnchow[dot]com a famous money makers website. First I tried the silly and time waste money making techniques like clicking ads, reading emails, completing surveys which dint make me a penny. I stopped doing all these things when I found that we could make money through adsense which I read it in John Chow’s website.

  5. Yeh, I totally agree. I spend a lots of time on the internet. To make money you have to do something. Money just doesn’t fall from trees. Making money on the internet is the same has having a job.

  6. I agree with your post completely, it is impossible to be making a few thousand a week doing nothing, you need to be a great designer or programmer to survive in those leagues. I myself can’t program that great and am horrible with all kinds of graphics, so i mostly do jobs that include posting on forums or submitting sites to directories. Yes, boring jobs :p

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