How can I Ignore or Block Someone on Google+?

Very easy my friends, because today Google+ introduced the ignore feature. It is still not launched officially,but here is how it is going to work. It will appear in the notifications in the Google + bar, and there you can just click the Ignore button next to their name, and you will no longer receive updates from them. The Ignore feature also works for the Incoming. In case you want to ignore more people at once, you will simply select them and click ignore. Well, if sometimes, you want to see how is someone doing, from the ignore list, you can go to the menu More actions on the Circle Page, where a list of the ignored friends will appear and you can unignore them.
The block option is much stronger than the Ignore, because the people you are going to block will not be able to see or comment to your posts. If you wand to unblock someone, you can easily to that on the More Actions menu in the Circles Page, View Unblocked and just click the Unblock button. Here is how these features are going to look on our Google+ profile, once they are launched:

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