How to tag friends on Facebook status

Why Should I Tag Friends and Locations in my Facebook Status?

Yes my dear friends, why should you do that? Just this morning, I updated my Facebook status options, and I got a free tour to the “endless” options and benefits I will have if I choose to click upgrade. So as an observer of the ” How far the human stupidity can go” scam, I accepted the tour, and I have been explained by the Facebook team, that now I have new options available. Please do not be disturbed by the pictures I will add to this post, because in the end, I am just a writer, trying to promote something, an idea, an opinion, a news, a blog post, so instead of just being sarcastic, I will be also helpful for those who NEED this options so badly, and can not find it. And they can not find it, because they belong in that group of people that actually need this options. I don`t think they will mind the text, because, the pictures will get their attention. So lets start. You know how nowadays, all of your Facebook friends are somewhere and with someone? Well, you can do that do too. But in order to complete this task you have to have something on your mind first, and of course you must actually be with someone at that particular moment, because you will probably add the location you are at, so you might get caught if you are cheating :)How to tag friends on Facebook status And, can you imagine what will happen then? All the rumours, OMG. You wrote that you are in the Hampton’s, drinking Manhattan with Sarah Jessica Parker, and you are actually in Rome, eating pizza with Monica Belluci. That is just disgraceful. So, here is how this all looks like.How to add location on Facebook status Just one click parts you from the perfect status update , or many clicks, depends on the number of people and locations you are going to tag. I highly doubt that you are going to need the option located in the right corner, that is who are you going to share this information with?How to share Facebook status with friends Well, what is the point of tagging a bunch of names in a status update and then share that information with the same people? I think they already know where they are (except if they do not). So that is pretty much it. This post was not suppose to be written this way. Just for the record, I do not blame Facebook for all this nonsense, they are just respecting the wishes of their users, who just want so badly the whole world to know that they have friend they hang out with all the time, and that they go to places you do not even know they exist. And about that privacy option I have mentioned before, be sure no one will use that one. Because, Facebook unlike Google+ became this crowded place, where all the “citizens” are complaining about the noise, but no one is moving out of the jungle to a quiet place. And no, I am not promoting Google+, and this whole think with the jungle and the quiet place is not a metaphor, I am a Facebook user too, I watch my friends status updates, I upgrade everything they are offering me, I just wonder, how far will this showing-off last, and how limitless is the human desire to be something that you are not? I can not answer you that,because I just checked in my favourite restaurant with my best friend. You can come and check it for yourself :)

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