Break the shackles of the mind with exciting fantasy games

You must have tried many games such as thriller action. But have you ever tried dark fantasy games that will give you many experiences? Well, if you’ve never tried out any dark fantasy games, we have brought you the best ones you can try.

Among the most creative and unique game genres is the Dark fantasy games. It majorly includes RPGs that is the role-playing games. It gives the player a feeling that they are into the game and playing as the main lead. Dark fantasy gives a multitudinal experience whether you want to try traditional fantasy games or horrifying games, which will give you chills. So, let us look at some of the biggest and most popular fantasy games.

What exactly is RPG?

Most dark fantasy games focus on RPGs. RPG is a different video game genre where the player controls a fictional character. RPG games combine different gameplay elements. The main purpose is to provide role play gaming experience. Some people might have observed the word “Dark” in many games. It indicates that you are going to get into RPG. So please take out your gadgets, and it is time to witness the best gaming experience. So the RPG consists of five elements so let’s explore each one by one:

  • You can easily increase the level and statistics, which in turn happens because of the improved ability of the characters. So, if you are the main character, try to improve the character’s profile.
  • You also get to use a combat system with several different spells, powers and skills. Apart from this, it is also composed of active inventory. It is composed of wearable equipment, which includes weapons and armour.
  • One basic storyline is the central quest. In addition to it, some also contain side quests.
  • Players also get additional abilities by which they can easily interact with the gaming elements. The abilities include disarming packs, communication spells and lockpicking. 
  • The presence of specific character customisation that specifies a character’s traits, talents, spells, and skills (e.g. thief, wizard, warrior, etc.)

Best 5 Dark fantasy games that you must try!

We have listed out the best Dark fantasy games which you can try. Some of these are composed of RPG elements. So let us deep dive into each of the bone-chilling dark games.

1.    Dragon’s Dogma

The Dark Dogma is a world full of harsh and gritty which gives a realistic feel. It represents people’s struggle to learn and adapt to survive in a fantasy world. The world is full of goblins, evil creatures and bandits. This game greatly impacts people’s minds as you can learn how an enemy can be more powerful. The most amazing feature of this game is its gameplay. The gameplay is where it shines the most. You can experience grisly combat, allowing players to grapple with their enemies. You can plan the abilities of your pawns that you get in the game.

2.    Grim Dawn

As indicated by the game’s name, it involves a grim adventure. The game is set in place and is ravaged by different creatures. The main purpose of the creature is to wipe away humanity.  The gamers must survive the harsh condition set by the creatures. As a gamer, you must gain unearthly powers. The gaming experience it delivers is the best, as you can destroy the monsters differently. You get spells, skills and weapons utilised to kill the creatures. You get to change the theme through the settings. The main theme is Victorian fantasy.

3.    Darkest Dungeon

The game theme is Gothic. The darkest dungeon comprises a great blend of psychological elements and horror. It is composed of menacing monsters. There is a tug of war which makes the game more interesting. The gameplay is amazing. You get the feeling of being a warrior in this game. The style of the game is also amazing, as it gives a comic-Esque and inky art style. If you like dark themes, then this game is for you. The game is filled with red and black colour themes.

4.    Code Vein

Many of the games are made with a western look. It gives a good feeling which is filled with heavy emphasis. If you like watching anime, then this game is for you. It gives a feel of anime style. You can change the colour of the themes. This game is filled with actions. However, the game’s theme is very similar to other games. The game’s uniqueness comes from its flavour, quick swapping, and finishes. The main character has the ability of a vampire.

5.    Darksiders

In this game, players control the horseman. You can be an iconic warrior at the very first level. You kill angels and devils on the charred ashes of the post-apocalyptic world. All of it is metal. The gaming experience it delivers is the best, as you can destroy the monsters differently. You get spells, skills and weapons utilised to kill the creatures.

Summing Up

Dark fantasy games give a spooky feel. They often also provide a good fantasy game experience for light-hearted people. The fantasy games consist of narrative beats and soft tones. In many games, you will find that the character focuses on one particular goal: to save the realm. Dark fantasy mainly includes the RPG. It is a different genre in which gamers can control fictional characters. Defining the RPG is difficult because of the presence of different hybrid games. Thousands of RPG games are there that you can try.

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