A 10$ surge protector can save your day.

People spend much money buying electronic items. But the most important thing that most people forget is to keep their electronic items safe. For example, if somehow, In the power line, something might get wrong, then there are chances that you are products that are attached to the switchboard might also get the shock, and it will stop working.

Many cases have been reported that the device needs to be fixed because of the default in the power line. So it becomes important that your electronic devices are not directly connected to the power line. So, in this case, you can take the help of surge protectors. The surge protector will help 45 the devices plugged in through a surge inside the power supply. This will protect your device from sizzling electric current. So that your beloved gadget will remain safe, first, let’s understand how the surge protector works.

What exactly is a surge protector?

Surge protectors keep the electronic gadgets attached to them from power surges. It protects the devices from shutdown bursts and other issues related to the power source. Some of the issues within the power sources include various systems such as tablets, phones or computers.

They are very similar to the power strips used earlier, and in terms of shape, they also look like outlet extenders. It adds extra insurance, which is more than that of the power strip. In a single surge protector, 3 to 4 outlets are there. Some contain more than 20 outlets, and some have a USB port to connect multiple devices easily.

How does the surge protector work?

The use of a surge protector is to prevent the flow of surges which goes inside your devices. When there is an electric surge, the surge protector observes the extra voltage inside the metal oxide varistor. Once it converts into metal oxide, it can be safely driven back to ground wiring.

After some time, you need to change your search protector. This is because every time your surge protector absorbs the power surge, it decreases the energy in joules. For example, if a surge protector has 500 joules, it can only absorb ahead of 500 joules.

However, you cannot see how many joules have been consumed. However, some even consist of an indicator in the form of an LED light. The LED detects how much efficiency is left in the surge protector. It can work for 3 to 5 years even if you use it frequently.

Features of Surge Protector

There are many functions of using a surge protector. It just not only protects your electronic devices. So we will look into the features of surge protectors. There are different types of search protector summer for the whole house; some are only for point entry. Surge protectors are mainly installed at the main electric point. These are designed in such a way that it protects the whole house from external electric surges.

  • It protects from electric surges generated by the appliances in the building or house.
  • These are utilised in conjugation with the point protectors that increase the level of protection.

One thing to notice is that before installing a surge protector, go through the manufacturer’s instruction book. Look towards all the safety precautions which are given in the instruction book. You can also install it or use a local expert’s help.

How is the surge protector different from the power strip?

A surge protector is quite similar to a power strip. If we look at the function of both of them, they can connect multiple electronic gadgets. The power strip is then connected directly to the outlet that consists of two sockets. You can plug many devices into a single outlet through the power strip. It only acts as an extension to your wall outlet.

Whereas the search protector is used to provide extra safety to your gadgets. When it is in conjugation with the power strip, it can give more protection from electrical surges. With the help of a surge protector, your device can be saved from power surges and power spikes. The reason for the surge and spike Is because of the power outage, tripped circuit, lighting strikes and short circuit.

What can all gadgets be connected to surge Protectors?

With the help of a surge protector, you can add multiple products from expensive devices suggesting the microprocessor. Other products include connection of television com gaming systems, desktop computers, laptops and chargers. Apart from this, some surge protectors can also combine up to 20 devices.

How much will it cost?

Surge protectors are not expensive. You can buy them from $10 to $45. The price of the surge protector depends on the size and how many devices can be connected through it. You can easily buy it online or from a general hardware shop. If you are buying a small-size surge protector having only two to three connectors is available for only $10. Large-size surge protectors, which can be connected to multiple devices, can be brought for under $45.

What things should you consider before buying a surge protector?

Before you buy the surge protector, some things need to be considered. First of all, check whether the surge protector you are buying is UL certified. The UL certification indicates that the product is built using safety standards.

Also, look for the quality and whether it is shock and fire hazard-proof. Look for the ratings of the equipment and check the price by comparing different brands of surge protectors. The ratings are given in watts and amps. That indicated how much power surge could the surge protector could take. Check the voltage of the surge protector. This will give you an idea of connecting large or small devices. So these are a few things you should consider before buying the surge protector.

Final Thoughts

Surge protectors are essential not just in your house but in your workplaces, such as the office or school. These are the better substitute for the power strip which were used earlier. Along with the power strip, they provide extra protection from electricity damage. The surges are present in different shapes, sizes and capacities. Some of them also include a USB port for charging.

Apart from this, they are really helpful when you are travelling. Through a surge protector, you can use 2 or 3 devices together, which includes your kindle, laptop and phone. Some of them are made to work with standard voltage in some of the countries of the world. They all differ by design and shape. Some may have a compact shape which leaves a minimal footprint.

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